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Peterson offers plenty of suspense in her latest inspirational historical romance, the first in her Pictures of the Heart series. Young Addie Bryant is brought to the Yukon Territory by her father and older brothers, who are indifferent to her welfare. She meets Isaac Hanson, and they fall in love, but he leaves to further his education, giving her a photograph of himself after writing “remember me” on the back. Soon after, Addie’s father dies, and her brothers “sell her” to Sam, a local saloon and brothel owner. She reluctantly becomes Sam’s mistress, then wife, then wealthy widow. Addie’s brothers are desperate for her fortune, prompting Addie to flee and start a new life as a photographer in Seattle, keeping her past a secret. Will she be reunited with Isaac? Can she tell him the truth? Why has God put her through such trials? Addie's faith is put to the test as she faces her fears. With its vivid settings and Addie's work training her Camera Girls, Peterson's gripping tale will enthrall readers.