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Rainy, the protagonist of this initially slow-moving suspense novel from Fisher (The Wrong Family), has moved from New York City, where she was a successful sculptor, to Washington State to be with her boyfriend, Grant. She has spent a year, largely in vain, trying to make friends with the wives of Grant’s buddies. When “the girls” suggest a trip to Las Vegas, Rainy balks, thinking: “Worst idea ever.... This trip, this gaudy, neon-crusted city—these women!” She finally agrees to go after repeated entreaties from Grant. The trip reveals repressed resentments among the women and stirs up disturbing memories from Rainy’s early life in a commune near Las Vegas. When Rainy receives a text message telling her that one of her traveling companions has been kidnapped, she knows that her past has caught up with her and is ready for action. Flashbacks detailing Rainy’s life as a young teen some 15 years earlier in a cult run by a messiah-like leader fuel the sense of menace and set up the book’s exhilarating, action-packed finale. Readers will cheer as Rainey risks everything to bring down the man who stole her childhood. Fisher delivers the goods. Agent: Jane Dystel, Dystel, Goderich & Bourret. (Apr.)