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Just when Omega Point (resistance) members think they've accomplished their goal of overthrowing the megalomaniacal Reestablishment, Supreme Commander Juliette is kidnapped and the group is thrown into chaos: some trying to escape imprisonment, others searching frantically for their leaders, and two trying desperately to recover the truth of their lives in order to find their way back to each other. The follow-up to Restore Me (2018), of the Shatter Me series, is written with precision and a sense of urgency, each chapter a strobe light-like moment in the lives of the teens trying to save their world. These short, intense chapters ping-pong between Kenji, Juliette, and Warner, who share narration duties, and the prose moves readers swiftly from crisis to crisis. Mafi is also able to inject some humor, and the love story between Juliette and Warner is as significant a plotline as the group's attempt to thwart the despots who birthed them. Even though some backstory is skillfully shared throughout, readers will need to start at the beginning of the series to experience the full impact.--Cindy Welch Copyright 2010 Booklist