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Gr 9 Up-Before her Aunt Magnolia died in a blizzard in Antarctica, she made Jane promise to accept any invitation she might receive to visit Tu Reviens. When her high school tutor, Kiran, extends an invitation to her family's annual spring gala at Tu Reviens, Jane knows she has to accept even though she is still deep in mourning for the aunt who had raised her. But the estate (and the impossibly rich and peculiar family that inhabits it) is far more perilous than she could have possibly imagined. Befriended by a very odd dog named Jasper and the intriguing Ivy, Jane is drawn into an Alice in Wonderland-like adventure where nothing makes sense, and danger and intrigue are the order of the day. According to the author's note, Cashore has incorporated elements of many of her favorite books into this hefty novel. The book is divided into multiple long chapters, each offering readers different paths for Jane. Each "direction" adopts the format and narrative structure of a distinct genre, sometimes to great effect, but occasionally leading readers into a confusing jumble of characters and subplots. Nevertheless, teens will willingly be pulled headlong into a novel that ranges in topics from space-travel to umbrella-making to art theft to kidnapping and international espionage. VERDICT This excellent, genre-bending title is a great pick for teens looking for something challenging to take them off the well-beaten path of -standard YA fare.-Jane Henriksen Baird, -Anchorage Public Library, AK Copyright 2017. Library Journals LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Media Source, Inc. No redistribution permitted.

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Gr 7 Up-After the sudden death of her Aunt Magnolia, 18-year-old Jane is orphaned, directionless, and alone. When a serendipitous encounter with her former tutor results in an invitation to the family's seasonal gala held at the magnificent island estate, Jane, remembering a promise to her aunt never to turn down an offer to visit Tu Reviens, accepts. There she meets an eclectic cast of characters, including Jasper, the lovable basset hound and keeper of the manor's secrets. Here is where the story starts-literally five times, in five genres: espionage, mystery, horror, science fiction, and fantasy. Some stories repeat sections verbatim, yet each stands alone with crisp, concise plots full of twists, clues, and trapdoor surprises all because curious, sassy, eavesdropping Jane decides to follow a different household member. Proverbial wisdom advises, "Don't sift the ifs." Cashore defiantly and triumphantly conspiratorially whispers, "What if..." Narrator Rebecca Soler is top-shelf in her ability not only to capture each character but also to tweak them per the demands of shifting genres and story lines. VERDICT This quirky, spellbinding novel is a unique melding of Clue, choose-your-own-adventure stories, and Groundhog Day.-Cheryl Preisendorfer, Twinsburg City School District, OH Copyright 2017. Library Journals LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Media Source, Inc. No redistribution permitted.

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A seemingly innocuous choice leads to wildly divergent potential futures in a genre-busting departure for a lauded fantasy author (Bitterblue, 2012, etc.).Still grieving for the aunt who raised her, Jane has dropped out of college and feels left at loose ends. At the invitation of a wealthy sort-of friend, she visits the family's crazy-quilt mansion on their private island only to find it overstocked with rich eccentrics, mysterious servants, fabulous art, dangerous secrets, potential lovers, and infinite possibilities. After a contrived setup freely borrowed from the classics of gothic fiction, the storyline splits into five distinct narratives, each employing the style and conventions of a different genre (mystery, thriller, horror, science fiction, and fantasy), each intersecting and commenting upon the others, and each with a different (not always pleasant) conclusion. This can all manifest as a bit too clever, and the bewildering abundance of supporting characters from every class, ethnicity, and sexual orientation sometimes reads more like bundles of quirks than fully realized persons. Still, an understated romance (plus a perfectly adorable basset hound) helps unify the various scenarios, and the whole is grounded by the personality of the bisexual title characterthe only one explicitly ambiguous in racewith her honest kindness, blunt humor, nerdy creativity, and rock-solid integrity. Not for everyone, but adventurous readers will find it charming, thought-provoking, and utterly sui generis. (Fiction. 14-adult) Copyright Kirkus Reviews, used with permission.

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Cashore's first novel in four years covers an eventful weekend in the life of 18-year-old Jane, an orphan raised by an aunt whose recent death has left her niece unmoored. When a former tutor, Kiran, invites Jane to her family's island mansion, Tu Reviens, Jane accepts, arriving with everything she owns, including 37 handmade umbrellas. A cast of guests, servants, Kiran's twin, and a basset hound is quickly introduced, as are a raft of suspicious activities. The story then restarts five times in five genres-spy thriller, horror, science fiction, mystery, fantasy-sometimes repeating information verbatim from a previous section. Each new version is a little weirder than the last, and the overall effect is less Choose Your Own Adventure than Groundhog Day on acid, set within a framework that pays homage to several classic novels, most notably Du Maurier's Rebecca. These shifts require a reader patient enough to follow the story's many contradictions until Jane discovers why she's at Tu Reviens and, ultimately, what she wants. An ambitious departure for Cashore that will reward (and perhaps demand) many re-readings. Ages 14-up. Agent: Faye Bender, the Book Group. (Sept.) Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved.

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When Jane receives an invitation to attend a gala at the island mansion Tu Reviens, she accepts not because she wants to go, but because her adored (and recently deceased) Aunt Magnolia made her promise to visit Tu Reviens if she ever got the chance. Bizarre personages and events fill the palatial home, including art theft, kidnapping, a secret organization, flirtations, and seemingly impossible twists of fate, all of which the impetuous Jane faces with a devoted basset hound sidekick. It's the story's structure, however, that's most noteworthy, as Cashore (Graceling, 2008) applies the concept of a multiverse to Tu Reviens, following Jane down five possible paths during her stay. Yet, it's not until the second half of the book, where things go increasingly off the rails, that the story truly blossoms. Art forms a constant backdrop to the narrative, and in all versions of Jane's story, she finds respite from her grief and uncertain future through artistic expression. Creation, compassion, and choice repeatedly emerge as themes in this ambitious, mind-expanding novel. HIGH-DEMAND BACKSTORY: Though a departure from her beloved Graceling books, this is getting the full treatment from the publisher: author tour, Comic-Con promotions, a floor display, and more.--Smith, Julia Copyright 2017 Booklist