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Anthony (The Kids Are Gonna Ask, 2020) returns with a sparkling novel that finds joy in spite of regret. Irma Bedford has been the owner of Over the Rainbow, a bookshop in small-town Minnesota, for many years. Her business partner, Elliot, has passed away, and Irma is intent on selling the store to a corporate building group. But Elliot’s romantic partner, Thom, and Irma’s daughters, Laney and Bree, are not going to let the bookstore go easily. Bree has made a career out of her job there, and while Laney is reluctant at first, she warms to Thom and Bree’s ideas. The three band together on a grassroots campaign to save the shop. Along the way, all three have revelations about their own life journeys as family secrets are revealed. Elliot also weighs in from beyond the grave, and snippets of his newsletter for “book haters” help solidify his voice. Anthony includes a slew of real recommendations sourced from her own friends, bookstore employees, and librarians, giving readers a chance to head off on their own paths.