#01: Operation


The library shall serve all residents of the community.  Service will not be denied nor abridged because of religion, racial, gender, social, economic, or political status.

The use of the library or its services may be denied for due cause which may include:
• failure to return materials
• pay fines
• failure to follow library policies
• destruction of library property

Destruction of property includes materials (books, DVD’s, magazines, audios, CD’s or any item borrowed) that cannot be re-circulated upon return, as well as furnishings, equipment, and all types of property inside the building as well as outdoors. 

Borrowers are required to show identification (driver’s license, etc) and proof of residence in county (personalized bank check, rent or utility receipt, voter registration card, etc) and provide accurate information concerning name, address, and telephone numbers.

Persons residing outside of the geographical area, but owning property in Gallatin County shall be considered residents upon proof of ownership (canceled check, tax bill, etc).

Borrowers are required to report change of name, address or phone number after library card is issued.  Library cards are valid for one year from issue date.

Borrowers under 16 years of age must have parent or legal guardian present or have parents sign a library card application acknowledging the parent/guardian is responsible for all library material checked out by borrowers under 16. If the parent or legal guardian is not present, before a card is issued, the library will contact the parent or legal guardian to obtain verbal consent in addition to the signature on the application.

The Gallatin County Public Library honors borrower cards from the following counties: Boone, Campbell, Carroll, Grant, Kenton, Pendleton, Owen, and Switzerland.  Borrowers from these counties will be issued a Gallatin County Card upon proof of identification and valid library card from their county – OR – if a person is employed in Gallatin County and pays taxes or the Gallatin County License Fee for wages earned over $5,000, they may obtain a library card.

Replacement of library cards issued less than one year that have been lost, stolen or destroyed will be replaced for $1.00. New borrowers are limited to 3 items for first check out.

Reference service is offered to anyone who chooses to use the Gallatin County Public Library as a resource.  The library staff will make every effort to answer questions using library materials or to provide patrons with sources of information for their own research.  The library staff will assist students in finding sources needed to do school assignments; however, the staff is not responsible for doing the student’s homework.

When the desired information is not available using the Gallatin County Public Library resources, the library staff may contact another agency for assistance.  Although the library staff may be able to assist patrons in reaching web sites to conduct their business, they are not able to complete unemployment claims, employment applications, or items of a similar nature for patrons. Staff members are not free to advise nor consult with library patrons on matters such as medical, legal or tax issues.

Telephone and Internet e-mail inquiries are welcome but patrons present in the library are given priority service priority and other inquiries will be answered as soon as possible.

All published material owned by the library is available to the public; however, information contained in the library membership files is confidential.

The Gallatin County Public Library is a Smoke Free / Tobacco Free property and facility.