Front Entrance

Warsaw, KY

Main Area

The majority of our adult colletion can be found here for check-out. We have 8 adult computers that can be utilized for personal or school use. If you need  to print or copy something, we charge 10¢ per  page for black and white copies and 50¢ per page for colored copies. You can also visit the front desk to grab a fresh cup of hot coffee or to have a fax sent; our faxes cost $1 per 15 pages.

KY Room

This room is dedicted to Charles G. Warnick, founder of the Gallatin County Public Library. Books on KY can be found here, as well as odds and ends infromation regarding previous Gallatin County residents. There is a small collection of birth, death, marriage, and cemetery records in this room also.

Meeting Room

We have two meeting rooms and a study room in our facility. Our two meeting rooms are utilized mostly for programs and presenters. Our study room is used by groups smaller than 5 in order to have a more private place to converse. If a person/business wants to utilize the meeting rooms or study room, a request must be made through the director beforehand to avoid overbooking.

Teen Area

Our teen area is mainly for children between the ages of 12 and 17. We have a checkers table that is available to use during our business hours, and a table for teens to do their homework. Young adult books, comics, magazines, games, and a small selection of audiobooks can be found in this area. There are also 7 computers that can be used when they're not occupied.

Reading Room

Our reading room is available to anyone who wants a quiet place to relax and read our newspapers or magazines. Magazines with green circulating stickers can be checked out, but new magazines must stay in the building. All of our newspaper copies must stay in the building as well so that our patrons can read them at any given time.

Mural Hallway

On May 17th in 2012, Tammy Baston Stephens painted a mural of Gallatin County in the hallway that connects our children's section to the main part of our library. We find it to be so neat and hope that when you visit you will take the time to look at it as well!

Children's Room

Our children's room has plenty of books, DVDs, and games for little ones. We have a few tables available for kids that need to do their homework or just want a spot to sit. There a 6 public computers and 2 AWE stations for use.

Literacy Bell

The Literacy Bell and its clear, distinct sound is a symbol for something very special; that incredible, magical moment when a child can make the letters on a page become a word, then a sentence, and magically a story.  When that bell chimes, all in town will know that a child has read his or her first book!