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Staff Picks - Kelly in Andrews
Click to search this book in our catalog Kiss the Girls
by Patterson, James

Library Journal "Casanova" works the East Coast, "The Gentleman Caller" works the West Coast, and these two serial killers might just be working together. Washed-up Washington, D.C., police detective Alex Cross gets involved when his niece is abducted. Since this is a new work by the author of the best-selling Along Came a Spider (LJ 12/92), don't be surprised that Paramount has bought the film rights and that BOMC has made it a main selection.

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Staff Picks - Jacqueline in Andrews
Click to search this book in our catalog Choosers of the Slain
by Cobb, James H.

Book list In the year 2006, an ambitious Argentine president tries to seize a portion of Antarctica. Reinforcing the initial landing party is the key to victory, but in the path of the reinforcements steams the U.S. Navy's first stealth destroyer, the U.S.S. Cunningham, under Commander Amanda Lee Garrett. The ensuing victorious fight to stop the landgrab is full of fast action, intelligently extrapolated and lengthily described hardware, and exotic locales--staple elements of almost any technothriller. Less common are Cobb's deep knowledge of maritime history, the deft and humorous touches in characterization, and the fact that Cobb is not self-conscious about having a female warrior as his protagonist (even the budding romance between Garrett and one of her helicopter pilots is handled with style and restraint). An extraordinarily promising start for what is said to be a series and a rare treat for lovers of contemporary naval action. --Roland Green

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Publishers Weekly Cobb brings feminism and environmentalism to the naval thriller‘and does it remarkably well in this lightning-paced and well-informed tale of a lone U.S. destroyer holding off an Argentine incursion into Antarctica. Amanda Garrett captains the USS Cunningham, a stealthy, well-armed vessel with the best technology available in the year 2006. The ship is on patrol off Antarctica when a surprise invasion by Argentina (seeking mineral wealth and prepared to abrogate existing international treaties) leaves her as the only defense for treaty partners and for the ecologically fragile continent itself. As captain, Amanda uses her seamanship and her knowledge of the talents of her staff in a breathtaking sea battle fought in one of the most challenging environments on earth. Cobb not only demonstrates his control of action and plot but also incorporates intriguing military and political topics that couldn't be more timely. Best of all, he allows Amanda to command her ship as a woman‘not as a manly soul in a woman's body. Her strengths are a willingness to listen to all points of view, respect for each participant, evenhanded consideration of proposals and, finally, firm and objective decision-making. This is the rare military thriller whose message is gender-blind and leading-edge. (Aug.)

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Library Journal In the year 2006, Argentina seizes British research stations in Antarctica, aiming to take over the entire South Pole and its rich mineral deposits. Commander Amanda Garrett, boss of the high-tech stealth destroyer U.S.S. Cunningham, is ordered to Antarctica to prevent the Argentineans from supplying their invasion force. With the nearest U.S. naval forces a week's sailing away, Garrett must defend her ship and crew against wave after wave of attacks. She uses her ingenuity, the advanced stealth features of her ship, and the ship's considerable arsenal to combat the enemy. First novelist Cobb, a member of the U.S. Naval Institute and the Navy League, has written a taut military thriller that grabs the reader's attention and holds it to the last word. This page turner is as hot as a Sea SLAM missile with target lock. Buy this book: that's an order. For all fiction collections.‘Grant A. Fredericksen, Illinois Prairie Dist. P.L., Metamora

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