Reviews for Art This Way

by Tamara Shopsin

Copyright © Kirkus Reviews, used with permission.

Take a peek at art from a variety of different literal and metaphorical angles.Veritably daring readers to look at art in a fresh new way, this innovatively designed board book features a variety of foldouts, flaps, and die cuts. From its disorienting upside-down first page, the authors use the medium to its best advantage. Never gimmicky, the format enhances readers' understanding of the art. A Lichtenstein pop-art page superbly uses a die cut as a frame to draw eyes to the half-toning that makes the piece work, and lifting a flap "Up" reveals a hanging Calder mobile. This is one of the rare board books that speaks to many ages: A long, colorful foldout of Warhol flower variants would be ideal for a baby to gaze at during tummy time. A Cindy Sherman-inspired shiny mirrored page with black glasses will attract toddlers' eyes, but knowing it works as a disguise will intrigue preschool readers. All of the carefully curated and concisely explained pieces of art are from the Whitney collection. They include sculpture, prints, mobiles, and photography, and male and female artists are showcased equally. The selections, which also include a street-art photograph of children playing with sidewalk chalk and an intriguing sculpture of a woman alongside her small dog, have broad child appeal. Art appreciation with an ingenious twist. (Board book. 6 mos.-5) Copyright Kirkus Reviews, used with permission.