Friends of the Library

What is a Friend?

The Friends of the Library is a non-profit organization to promote the use of our library, sponsor various fund raising activities, and develop library awareness programs. Friends are citizens who value the library's services, are kept informed of the library's plans and progress, and serve as a 'connecting link' between the library and the community. If you are interested in becoming a Friend you may call the library at (864) 445-4500 ext. 2264. Check out the Friends of the Saluda County Library Facebook Page for more information!

The Details

The mission of the Friends is to promote library involvement in the community and community involvement in the life of the library by:

*sponsoring public support of the library *promoting library facilities and services

*providing additional money for library materials, equipment and services


Dues for membership are as follows:

*Individual= $10

*Organization= $25

*Family= $15

*Senior (60 and over)= $5

*Teen (18 and under)= $5

Current News

NEW @ the library!!!

1.The Friends of the Library have donated the funds to have the library's front lawn landscaped! This is a very exciting improvement to our library be sure to come by and check it out! You can also view pictures on the Friends Facebook Page.

2.The Friends of the Library is sponsoring a "Little Free Library". The first LFL is located in front of the Saluda County Library, but there will be more showing up around Saluda County! The Little Free Library project was created to a foster a love of reading and a sense of community. For more information visit:

3. Like the Friends of the Library Facebook page!

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