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Plan of Service Part 2

Resource Sharing  
Year(s)GoalsIntended ResultsEvaluation Method(s)
 Union/Online Catalog  
2016-211) Member libraries & their patrons will be able to discover resources within SC school libraries.Our member libraries, holdings information will be accessible to users.The number of school library catalog and holdings accessible in SLS catalog
2016-212) The SLS will continue to maintain the integrity of each libraries' catalog within the systemThe catalog will be an accurate representation of what is available to patronsRecommendations made for enhancements to the SLS catalog.
2016-213) The member libraries will be able to extend their collections through the use of reliable delivery of resources held by other libraries.Patrons will receive materials in a timely manner.Libraries reporting receipt of requested materials
  Electronic delivery will be one of the methods when copyright and license agreements permit.usage stats
 Interlibrary Loan  
2016-214) The SLS will supply library resources for patrons in a quick & efficient manner.Member libraries will use the SLS catalog.Libraries reporting receipt of requested materials
  School members will be knowledgeable of and consistently utilize all ILL procedures.Documentation of provision of training on ILL procedures to member library staff. Libraries reporting accurate tracking of ILL status.
 Digital Collection Access  
2016-215) The SLS will continue to effectively build & maintain digital materials for use through OverDrive, FollettShelf and to research additional support.Patrons will have easier access to digital materials.Increase in access and usage of digital materials.
2016-216) The SLS will continue to keep abreast of any digital issues or trends impacting school libraries with the implementation of inquiry frames in science and social studies.Members will be aware of digital trends/issues being addressed by BOCES and SENYLRCUpdates at our council meetings and other venues.
 Special Clients Groups  
Year(s)GoalsIntended ResultsEvaluation method(s)
2016-211) The SLS will provide materials, resources, and service agency contacts to component librarians so needs of special client groups can be met. Client group include but are not limited to ESL students, CTE students, special education students (speech/language, visually impaired, learning disabled, behavioral needs), migrant students, college credit/honors studentsCollaborative relations will be formed between school librarians and community leaders, SCCC librarians, SC BOCES student-based programs, SC BOCES SE-TASC, Parents-for-Parents program, and other public and private agencies serving identified special populations.Concrete service ideas generated as a result of conversations between identified service providers and SLS council at quarterly meetings. Annual SLS evaluation data
   Increase audiobook collection (Playaway, e-book, Overdrive).Number of additions/deletions in Union Catalog, usage stats of special collection items.
  Special collections will be developed and circulated upon request.ILL and Circulation Statistics
2016-212) The SLS will create community awareness of SLS resources for special clients.Greater public awareness of materials and resources for school-aged children in the special-clients groupPress publications increase requests for materials
  Increased promotion through traditional media avenues as well as social media, school websites, etc.Increase usage of materials
 Professional Development & Education  
Year(s)GoalsIntended ResultsEvaluation Method(s)
2016-211) Create a School Library Mentoring Program for the new hires. The program would nurture new hires in the county and work to foster interest in the profession over the next five years. This will assist new hires to acclimate to their new positions and succeed in an efficient manner. Mentors are encouraged to promote the field in a way that will generate more interest. The intention is that the passion of the mentors will influence not only those who have already chosen the field, but will further encourage new entrants to the profession. Mentoring program feedback. Essentially the numbers of new hires and the retention of staff will reflect the success of the mentoring program.
2016-212) Bring in various speakers, including authors, who are authorities and experts in their fields of study.Ensure that school librarians are fully aware of what is happening in the different curriculum areas from NYSED and how we can support our teachers such as ELA and Math Standards revisions, Social Studies Inquiry Frames, new Science Standards, and new Arts standards. Increase awareness to new trends and ideas on implementation of new ideas. Introduce students to authors and new materials in a meaningful way. Number of guest speakers at our Council Meetings/Programs throughout the next five years. Implementing a Google Calendar on the SLS website to reflect these visits. Incorporation of new trends and ideas into our daily practices. Evaluation of circulation statistics to reflect author visits. Shared documents, such as in Google Docs, that allow us to actively share and compare utilization of trends and ideas.
2016-213) Provide instruction and professional development to all library staff, including clerks, to give access to Makerspace training so stations can be established in member libraries.This will help member librarians explore and establish STEAM stations and creative and interactive displays in the libraries. Staff will properly maintain and develop the stations based on student need and interests. Over the next five years the member libraries will work to establish at least one successful and useful station in their spaces. Documentation of site visit to Hurleyville Makers Lab.
 Consulting and Development Services  
Year(s)GoalsIntended ResultsEvaluation
2016-211) The SLS will continue to communicate with successful library programs around the country.Member librarians will gain ideas to enhance our programsImplementing new ideas gained from these model library programs.
2016-212) The SLS members will use current & reliable resources for program planning, curriculum development, grant writing, legal issues, facilities planning, budget planning, and technologySLS member library staff will use the SLS as a resource for information. A practical, user]friendly application will be developed that can be used to organize and communicate information and resources.Usage statistics. Question on SLS evaluation to gauge member usage.
  Students will use the library space as a common learning environmentObserving new space configuration More and diverse student output that shows authentic learning
 Awareness & Advocacy  
Year(s)GoalsIntended ResultsEvaluation
2016-211) The member libraries will promote the participation in local, regional, statewide, and national professional networking.1) The member libraries will promote the participation in local, regional, statewide, and national professional networking.Documented participation.
 2) The SLS will inform the community at large about the services and resources available at their libraries.Increase the awareness of SLS service and resources.Track visits to the system website via the counter. Circulation stats will be gathered to show materials loaned to community members.
 Coordinated Services for Members  
Year(s)GoalsIntended ResultsEvaluation
 Virtual Reference  
2016-21Observing new space configuration More and diverse student output that shows authentic learningWe will determine the necessity/value of this service.This service will be reviewed each year by the council and a determination will be made.
 Digitization Services  
2016-21The SLS will investigate the feasibility and value of implementing digitization of primary sources services for school librariesWe will determine the necessity/value of this service.This service will be reviewed each year by the council and a determination will be made.
 Other (Optional)  
2016-21The SLS will add to the schools' technology when funds allowTo increase student/teacher access to information sources.Participation statistics, Usage statistics
 1) The SLS will provide coordinated services for its members.The SLS will coordinate the purchase of items (databases, hardware/software and CCD materials) for its members to reduce their cost and increase learning.Usage statistics, Participation statistics
 Communications Among Member Libraries  
Year(s)GoalsIntended ResultsEvaluation
2016-211) Member libraries will continue to meet quarterly to share teaching strategies and resources.Share ideas to enhance and improve services to our schools.Annual SLS evaluation data computer statistics direct observations professional development feedback
2016-212) The SLS will continue good working relationships between buildings/districts.Try to recover books from other schools/districtsfeedback from schools.
 Cooperative Efforts with Other Library Systems  
Year(s)GoalsIntended ResultsEvaluation
2016-211) The SLS will collaborate with public libraries and meet to discuss common goals.Increased student participation in public library programs & services.Interviews Notes from scheduled meetings
  Increased formal & informal contact between school & public librarians.Public library user stats & attendance rosters
2016-212) The SLS will encourage greater use of SCCC library materials & resources.Upper classmen will be better prepared to navigate & utilize an academic library.Interviews ILL statistics from usage of college materials.
2016-213) The SLS will continue to offer collaborative workshops with other counties.Continue to offer workshops with other systems: Fall Into Books, Battle of the BooksParticipation feedback
2016-214) The SLS will increase ILL services with other types of libraries, public and academic.Increase or develop more ILL w/ other types of librariesParticipation feedback
 Teaching and Learning  
Year(s)GoalsIntended ResultsEvaluation
2016-21The SLS will support the member libraries in promoting the importance and value of reading as a lifelong skill.Students will engage in reading for pleasure.Increased participation in challenges and activities that engage students in reading.
2016-21The SLS will support the member libraries on the importance of teaching the inquiry process so students use critical thinking skills.School librarians will work with colleagues to enhance & enrich curriculum to include the inquiry process.Schools and teachers using the curriculum & assignments that incorporate the inquiry process for all curriculum areas.


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