Reviews for Wake-up call

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O’Leary returns (after The No-Show) with a humorous and poignant rom-com set at a boutique hotel in southern England. Concierges Izzy and Lucas can’t stand each other after a miscommunication: the previous Christmas, Izzy sent Lucas a note confessing her romantic feelings and he, apparently, cruelly rejected her and kissed her roommate. However, they both care deeply about Forest Manor hotel, which is on the verge of bankruptcy. The owners want to raise extra money by selling everything in the lost property room and assign Izzy and Lucas to sort through it all. It seems like a hopeless proposition (boxes have labels like “tatty books” and “coats left behind in 2019”)—until they come across five lost wedding rings. After Izzy gets one back to its rightful owner and receives a huge reward, the race is on to return the others. Exuberant Izzy and focused, somber Lucas have little in common on the surface, but O’Leary soon makes it clear how well they work together—and how deeply they need each other. Add in some charming supporting characters and stakes that feel high but believable, and the result is exactly the cute contemporary romp that O’Leary’s fans have come to expect. Agent: Tanera Simons, Darley Anderson Literary. (Sept.)