A library book given as a memorial serves as a lasting tribute and extends an individual's impact on the community. Suggestions for appropriate choices are welcome. Please let the Library purchase a book to avoid duplication of titles. A plate is placed in each book identifying the name of the honored person and the donor. An announcement of the gift is sent to the person the donor wishes to inform. No amounts of purchase is mentioned. An annoucement of the gift is submitted to the newspaper/media. Honor Books recognizing an individual for a special occasion or leadership are available. A plate is placed in the book with the honoree and donor named. An annoucement of the gift is submitted to the newspaper/media. The average cost of a gift book is $20-$30 and is a tax-deductible donation. The Adair County Public Library is a non-profit organization.

January 18, 2017


Adair County Public Library Memorial and Honor Books

The Adair County Public Library has added the following memorial and honor books to the library shelves.
Books can be given in honor of people, special occasions or as a memorial.  Titles can be selected from the library’s honor shelf or by making special arrangements by calling the library director.  A bookplate is attached to each book with the honoree and donor’s name.

    Books given in memory are:

BARBARA BAILEY—Given by Bill & Rita Henderson.—“Arabians Are My Favorites” by Landau and “Here Come the Girl Scouts” by Corey.

RUBY “LEOTA” BROADWELL—Given by Bill & Dollene Sanders.  “Forgotten Ways for Modern Days: Kitchen Cures and Household Lore for a Natural Home and Garden” by Blondel and “Gooseberry Patch: Christmas at Grandma’s.”

WILLADENE BRUMMIT—Given by Al and Liz Srnka.  “Bunny Dreams” by McCarty.

VICKI (GOSNEY) BUNCH—Given by Adair County Public Library Staff.  “Puppy Pool Party” by Casteel and “Unlikely Friendships: Dogs: 37 Stories of Canine Compassion and Courage” by Holland.

SHARON BUTTERFIELD—Given by Al & Liz Srnka. “Two by Two” by Sparks. (Large print edition)

WILLIAM (BILL) CABLE—Given by Al & Liz Srnka.  “The Cardinals Way: How One Team Embraced Tradition and Moneyball at the Same Time” by Megdal.

MARIE L. CLARKE—Given by Kathy Erwin.  “God Bless the Gargoyles” by Pilkey.

BOB COOK—Given by Kathy Erwin, Shane, Adrienne, Audrey, Kennedy, and Gage.  “Hammer and Nails” by Bledsoe.

BOB COOK –Given by Mrs. B and Mrs. Linda. “With Any Luck, I’ll Drive a Truck” by Friend and “Busy Builders, Busy Week” by Reidy.

LEVENIA DANIELS—Given by Al & Liz Srnka.  “50 Greatest Golf Tips” by Richardson.

MARILYN DANIELS—Given by Anita Coffman and Family.  “Blue and Bertie” by Litten and “Groovy Joe: Ice Cream and Dinosaurs” by Litwin.

ANNA LOU DeWITT—Given by Family.  “Good People Everywhere” by Gillen, “Spoon” by Rosenthal, “The Way I Act” by Metzger, “Those Shoes” by Boelts, and “Theory of the Spencerian System of Practical Penmanship.”

BERNADETTE DELAWARE—Given by Alpha Chi Sigma.  “A Call to Mercy” by Mother Teresa, “Apostle: Travel Among the Tombs of the Twelve” by Bissell, “The Cranky Ballerina” by Gravel and “Shy” by Freedman.

BERNADETTE DELAWARE—Given by the Truman State University Chemistry Faculty.  “Where’d You Go Bernadette? (Large print) by Semple, “Ben Says Goodbye” by Ellis, “A Whale in the Bathtub” by Westaway, and “Guess Who, Haiku” by Caswell.


BERNADETTE DELAWARE—Given by Family and Friends. (Large print) “Promise Lodge” by Hubbard, “Arrowood” by McHugh, “Gathering Shadows” by Mehl, “Messenger by Moonlight” by Whitson, “Christmas at Promise Lodge” by Hubbard, “Deadly Echoes” by Mehl, “Rising Darkness” by Mehl, “Beautiful Star of Bethlehem” by Copeland, and “Christmas Cradle” by Hubbard.

DOYLE DOVER—Given by Al & Liz Srnka.  “Barbecue Lover’s Kansas City Style: Restaurants, Markets, Recipes and Traditions” by Davis.

RICHARD ELLIS—Given by the Saddle Club.  “Harry Truman’s Excellent Adventure” by Algeo.

FRAN FOX (Mother of LaDonna Williams)—Given by Karla Truitt. “Angels” by Graham.  “Angels” by Graham.

DON GANDER (Father of Maria Bradshaw)—Given by Karla Truitt.  “Pope Francis’ Little Book of Wisdom” by Asaaf.

LIZ GANDER (Mother of Maria Bradshaw)—Given by Karla Truitt.  “Quilting Essentials.”

EVELYN GASHWILER—Given by Susan L. Novinger & Family.  “Lonely Planet: Ultimate Travel.”

ROBERT GASHWILER—Given by Susan L. Novinger & Family.  “Trees of North America” by Mitchell.
MARJORIE GOSNEY—Given by Vicki Bunch.  (DVD) “Against the Dark” and “Red Skelton”

PIPER ANNLYN LAUDWIG—Given by Grandma Anita & Uncle Jaxon.  “Puddle Jumpers” by Lewis.

SERGEANT FIRST CLASS MATTHEW CHARLES LEWELLEN—Given Anonymously. “Heroes for My Sons” by Meltzer, “Bill O’Reilly’s Legends & Lies: The Patriots” by Fisher, and “Dogs and Their People: Photos and Stories of Life with a Four-Legged Love” by BarkPost.

SERGEANT FIRST CLASS MATTHEW CHARLES LEWELLEN—Given by Dr. and Mrs. David Bethel.  “Green Berets” by Slater.

SERGEANT FIRST CLASS MATTHEW CHARLES LEWELLEN—Given by Harold & Becky Osborn.  “Lions of Kandahar” by Bradley.

SERGEANT FIRST CLASS MATTHEW CHARLES LEWELLEN—Given by Tommy & Rosella Small and Family.  “Fighting Blind: A Green Beret’s Story” by Castro.

SERGEANT FIRST CLASS MATTHEW CHARLES LEWELLEN—Given by John & Marsha Wise, Brian Wise and sons, Travis and Matthew Wise.  “H is for Honor: A Military Family Alphabet” by Scillian and “Proud as a Peacock, Brave as a Lion” by Barclay.

ROBERT MAY (Husband of Sherry, Father of Denise Clark)—Given by Karla Truitt.  “Musicals” by Paige.

ROBERT MAY—Given by Ron & Gina Rybkowski.  “What Degas Saw” by Friedman.

PAT MURDOCK—Given by Al & Liz Srnka.  “Butterfly Park” by MacKay.

FRAN NORMAN—Given by Sue Bryant.  “Brother Gardeners” by Wulf.

FRAN NORMAN—Given by Pat Pulis, Gaylene Jacobs, Todd Pulis and Red Sylvara.  Gift to Fran Norman Endowment.

FRAN NORMAN—Given by Family & Friends.  Gift to Fran Norman Endowment.

TERESA PAGLIAI—Given by Al & Liz Srnka.  “Muddy Boots: Outdoor Activities for Children” by Walsh.

TERESA PAGLIAI—Given by the Saddle Club. “Navigating Life: Things I Wish my Mother Had Told Me” by Bergen.

JULIA RILEY—Given by Al & Liz Srnka and Mark Srnka, “Big Friends” by Sarah.

SUE ROSS—Given by Al & Liz Srnka.  “At Home in the Garden” by Roehm.

SUE ROSS—Given by Friends of the Adair County Public Library.  “Draw 50 Horses” by Ames.

THOMASENE SHRIVER—Given by Al & Liz Srnka.  “Audacity Jones to the Rescue” by Larson.

GRANDMA MARY SIMLER—Given by David & Kathy Erwin.  “Pond” by LaMarche.

PAPA CHUCK STEARMAN—Given by Mason, Maren, and Mabry Elmore and Shane and Shafer Jones, Chase and Henley Stearman.  “Talkin’ Guitar” by Gourley.

JAMES KEVIN TARPEIN—Given by David & Kathy Erwin.  “A Year of Borrowed Men” by Barker.

LEROY VANDERHOOF—Given by Al & Liz Srnka.  “First Women: the Grace and Power of America’s Modern First Ladies” by Brower.

JACK WARD—Given by Al & Liz Srnka.  “How Football Explains America” by Paolantonio.




Honor books given to the library:

ADAIR COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY VOLUNTEERS, 2015—Given by the Friends of the Adair County Public Library.  “Dead Presidents: An American Adventure Into the Strange Deaths and Surprising Afterlives of Our Nation’s Leaders” by Carlson, “The Complete Mushroom Hunter: An Illustrated Guide to Finding, Harvesting, and Enjoying Wild Mushrooms” by Lincoff, “1000 Birds: A Unique Collection of 1000 Species in Exquisitely Detailed Paintings” by Hoggett, “Taste of Home Quick Cooking Annual Recipes,” “Railway Depots, Stations, and Terminals” by Solomon, “The National Parks, An American Legacy: Celebrating 100 Years of the National Park Service” by Shive, “Boys in the Boat: 9 Americans and Their Epic Quest for Gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics” by Brown (Large print) and “Tractor Superstars: The Greatest Tractors of All Time” by Gaines.
MICHELE BREAULT—Given by Mary Myers. “The Art of Whimsical Stitching” by Sharpe, and “Make Table Runners.”

BUG LOVERS OF ALL AGES—Given by Sheryl Feiner.  “The Super Bug Encyclopedia.”

DIANE BURGER—Given by Murilyn G. Koustaal. “The Sound of Silence” by Goldsaito, “Steamboat School” by Hopkinson, “The Whale” by Murrow, “Samanthasaurus Rex” by Mandell, “Let Me Finish” by Le, “The Summer Nick Taught His Cats to Read” by Manley, “Grover Cleveland, Again: A Treasury of American Presidents” by Burns, and “Explorers of the Wild” by Atkinson.

DIANA BURGER (MRS. B)—Given by Diane E. Johnson & Dennis Goodman.  “Finding Wild” by Lloyd and “When Butterflies Cross the Sky: the Monarch Butterfly Migration” by Cooper.

TERRY COMBS—Given by Eva Jane Noe.  “The Mixed-Up Truck” by Savage, “Gator Dad” by Lies, and “Perfect Dog” by O’Malley.

BRAYDEN & LANDON EHRICH—Given by Susan L. Novinger.  “My First Busy Book” by Carle.

SHERYL FEINER--Given by Diane Burger.  “Nancy Clancy Seeks a Fortune” by O’Connor.

NIKKI, HUNTER & KAYLIE—Given by Grandma Pennie Schneider “Plants Can’t Sit Still” by Hirsch.

MARIETTA JAYNE--Given by Eva Jane Noe.  “Extremely Cute Animals Operating Heavy Machinery” by Gordon, “The Tree in the Courtyard: Looking through Anne Frank’s Window” by Gottesfeld, and “Lady Liberty’s Holiday” by Arena.
MURILYN G. KOUTSTAAL--Given by Diane Burger.  “Reindeer Wish” by Evert.

KIM LeBARON (Past President)--Given by Sojourner’s Club.  “Listen to Our World” by Martin.

LINDA LEHMANN--Given by Diane Burger.  “Do Not Bring Your Dragon to the Library” by Gassman.

EVAN MARTEL--Given by Mary Myers.  “Otis and the Kitten” by Long.

FINNLEY MARTEL--Given by Mary Myers.  “A Beetle is Shy” by Aston.

GRACE MOHLER--Given by Mom and Dad.  “The Uncorker of Ocean Bottles” by Cuevas, “Last Stop on Market Street” by de la Pena, “A Child of Books” by Jeffers, “What to do With an Idea” by Yamada, “What to do With a Problem” by Yamada, “Six Dots: the Story of Young Louis Braille” and “I Am A Story” by Yaccarino.

PAUL PARKER--Given by Mary Myers. “Epic Bike Rides of the World.”

KELLY SMITH (YOGA BEARS INSTRUCTOR)--Given by Adair County Public Library.  “Yoga Bunny” by Russo.

TEAM JAXON--Given by Jaxon Laudwig.  “The Secret Lives of Animals: 1,001 Tidbits, Oddities and Amazing Facts” by Tornio and “Temple Grandin: Voice for the Voiceless” by Wood.





Gifts given to the library:

SUE BRYANT—“Now You See Me, Now You Don’t” by Borando and “ABCs on Wheels” by Olivera.

TERI CRANDALL—“Diane’s White House Garden” by Carbone, “Soccer Fence” by Bildner, “Storm: Awesome Power of Weather” by Graf, “Gracias *Thanks” by Mora, “Wake Up, Island” by Casanova, “Jump Into the Sky” by Pearsall, “The Big Nothing” by Fogelin, “Crossing Jordan” by Fogelin, “Anna Casey’s Place in the World” by Fogelin, “Beef Princess of Practical County” by Houts, “Practical County Drama Queen” by Houts, “Unmapped Sea” by Wood, “Interrupted Tale” by Wood, “Grace” by Casanova, “Grace Stirs It Up” by Casanova, and “Grace Makes it Great” by Casanova.

FRIENDS OF THE ADAIR COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY—“Absolutely Almost” by Graff, “If a Tress Falls at Lunch Period” by Choldenko, “All Shook Up” by Pearsall, “The Unseen Guest” by Wood, “Summer of the Moon” by Fogelin, “My Yosemite” by Graff, “Kammie at First” by Houts, “Night at the Stadium” by Jeter, and “Marvelous Cornelius” by Bildner.

DR. & MRS CHARLES KLINE— “As Brave as You” by Reynolds, “The Amateurs” by Shepard, “The Forgetting” by Cameron, “Burn Baby Burn” by Medina, “The Female of the Species” by McGinn, “The Land of Forgotten Girls” by Kelly, “My Sister Rosa” by Larbalestier, “The Great American Whatever” by Federle, “Makoons” by Erdrich, “Antsy Ansel” by Jenson-Elliott, “A Squiggly Story” by Larsen, “Little Penguins” by Rylant, “Mika the Bear is Afraid of the Dark” by Walcker, “The Liszts” by Maclear, “The White Cat and the Monk” by Bogart, “Word of Mouse” by Patterson, and “We Are the Ants” by Hutchinson.

CORY LANDON—“I Am Jim Henson” by Meltzer.

MISSOURI LAUREATE EPSILON THETA BETA SIGMA PHI—“The Marvelous Pigness of Pigs: Respecting and Caring for All God’s Creation” by Salatin, “Father Lincoln: The Untold Story of Abraham Lincoln and His Boys- Robert, Eddy, Willie and Tad” by Manning, and “The Stars: The Definitive Visual Guide to the Cosmos.”

SYDNEY P. ROSS—“Yankees and Rebels on the Upper Missouri: Steamboats, Gold and Peace” by Robinson, “Medicine: The Definitive Illustrated History” by Parker, “Mama Saurus” by Lomp, “Would You Rather be a Princess of a Dragon” by Saltzberg, and “National Geographic: Greatest Landscapes.”

SOJOURNERS CLUB—“Hope: A School, A Team, A Dream” by Reynolds, “First Dads: Parenting and Politics from George Washington to Barack Obama” by Kendall, “The Artist’s Compass: the Complete Guide to Building a Life and a Living in the Performing Arts” by Moore, “The Good Death: an Exploration of Dying in America” by Neumann, “Catching the Sky: Two Brothers, One Family, and Our Dream to Fly” by Moore, “The Lovers: Afghanistan’s Romeo & Juliet” by Nordland, “Paper: Paging Through History” by Kurlansky, “The Sting of the Wild” by Schmidt, “The Fire Line: The Story of the Granite Mountain Hotshots and One of the Deadliest Days in American Firefighting” by Santos, “The Boiling River” by Ruzo, “Our Kids: The American Dream in Crisis” by Putnam, “American Girls: Social Media and the Secret Lives of Teenagers” by Sales, “Pretty Jane and the Viper of Kidbrooke Lane: a True Story of Victorian Law & Disorder” by Murphy, “Republic of Spin: An Inside History of the American Presidency” by Greenberg, “What a Thing to Say to the Queen: a Collection of Royal Anecdotes from the House of Windsor” by Blaikie, “Painless Grammar” by Elliott, “Habits of a Happy Brain” by Breuning, “In Search of the Paranormal” by Estep, “Kansas City: A Food Biography” by Broomfield, “Rightful Heritage: Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Land of America” by Brinkley, “Firefly French-English Visual Dictionary” by Jourist, “Firefly Spanish-English Visual Dictionary” by Jourist, “The Bee-Friendly Garden” by Frey, “Seeing Seeds: a Journey Into the World of Seedheads, Pods & Fruit” by Chace, “The Modern Natural Dyer” by Vejar, “The Vegetable Butcher: How to Select, Prep, Slice, Dice and Masterfully Cook Vegetables” by Mangini, “The Bee Book” by Chadwick, “Water-Saving Garden: How to Grow a Gorgeous Garden with a Lot Less Water” by Penick, “Humans of New York,” “Humans of New York: Stories,”
“Firefly Encyclopedia of Reptiles and Amphibions,” “A Living History of Northeastern Missouri: Kerosene Lamps and Grandma’s Washboard” “Upholstery: Basic & Traditional Techniques” by Pons, “Everyone is Italian on Sunday” by Ray, “Fairy Tale Baking: More Than 50 Enchanting Cakes, Bakes and Decorations” by Khan, “Mason Jar Gifts: Create Heartwarming Gifts Using Canning Jars” by Browning, “Go Big, Go Bold: Large-Scale Modern Quilts” by Cain, “Creatively Christmas: Inspired Yuletide Decor” by Rizzo, “Taste of Home: Simple, Easy, Fast Slow Cooker,” “Happy Home Outside: Everyday Magic for Outdoor Life” by Hedeman, “Homefront 911: How Families of Veterans are Wounded by Our Wars” by Bannerman, “How to Amaze Your Daughter: Crafts, Recipes and Other Creative Experiences” by Vidaling, “How to Amaze Your Son: Crafts, Recipes and Other Creative Experiences” by Vidaling, “The Book of Beetles: A Life-Size Guide to 600 of Nature’s Gems,” “Modern Vintage Gifts” by Philipps, “The Woodland Homestead: How to Make Your Land More Productive” by McLeod, “Blacksmithing Techniques” by Ares, “Horses: The Illustrated Guide to Breeds” by McBane, “The Knitter’s Book of Knowledge” by Bliss, “Primary Greatness: The 12 Levers of Success” by Covey, “C.R.A.F.T. : Creating Really Awesome Free Things” by Dorobek and “Classic Whittling: Basic Techniques and Old-Time Projects” by Wiebe.


SOJOURNERS CLUB—“Potty Fairy Princess,” “Love: the Tiger” by Brremaud, “Bear and the Piano” by Litchfield, “Anything but Ordinary: the True Story of Adelaide Herrman, Queen of Magic” by Rockliff, “A Brave Bear” by Taylor, “My House” by Barton, “I Won a What?” by Vernick, “Finding Hope” by Nelson, “Horrible Bear!” by Dyckman, “Crossing Niagara: The Death-Defying Tightrope Adventures of the Great Blondin” by Tavares, “Have a Look, Says Book” by Jackson, “Are We There Yet?” by Santat, “Shadow Magic” by Khan, “Passion of Dolssa” by Berry, “This Is the Story of You” by Kephart, “Maggie and Michael Get Dressed” by Fleming, “Therese Makes a Tapestry” by Hinrichs, “America’s Tea Parties” by Moss, “Hannah & Sugar” by Berube, “Absolutely One Thing” by Child, “Spot, the Cat” by Cole, “Waiting for High Tide” by McClure, “How to Dress a Dragon” by Godin, “Lending Zoo” by Asch, “Jacky Ha-Ha” by Patterson, “Red’s Planet” by Pittman, “Dinosaurs Rule” by Rake, “Mighty Truck” by Barton, “Parachute” by Parker, “The Key to Extraordinary” by Lloyd, “Reckless: the Golden Yarn” by Funke, “Redeemed” by Haddix, “Deadly Flowers” by Thomson, “The Secret of Dreadwillow Carse” by Farrey, “Weekends with Max & His Dad” by Urban, “Claude in the Country” by Smith, “Raymie Nightingale” by DiCamillo, “Strudel’s Forever Home” by Freeman, “Flamecaster” by Chima, “Red: the True Story of Red Riding Hood” by Shurtliff, “Chuck and the Woodchuck” by Bell, “Hoot and Peep” by Judge, “Among a Thousand Fireflies” by Frost, “Maisy’s Field Day” by Cousins, “How to Find Gold” by Schwarz, “The Kid from Diamond Street” by Houghton, “Stories from the Bug Garden” by Moser, “Will’s Words: How William Shakespeare Changed the Way you Talk” by Sutcliffe, “Stop Following Me, Moon!” by Farrell, “Salamander Dance” by FitzSimmons, “Lion & Tiger & Bear: Tag! You’re it!” by Long, “Sam and the Construction Site” by Veldkamp, “Grumpy Pants” by Messer, “Little Butterfly” by Logan, “Last Days of the Dinosaur” by Rake, “Curious George Joins the Team” by Rey, “One Boy” by Seeger, “That’s Not Bunny” by Barton, “Before I Leave” by Bagley, “Hide and Seek” by Man and “Colors.”

TRUMAN STATE UNIVERSITY BOOK DRIVE—“Is This Thing On? : A Friendly Guide to Everything Digital for Newbies, Technophobes and the Kicking a Screaming” by Stokes, “Street Farm: Growing Food, Jobs, and Hope on the Urban Frontier” by Ableman, and “Old MacDonald Had a Truck” by Goetz.

UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI EXTENSION COUNCIL OF ADAIR COUNTY KIRKSVILLE MASTER GARDENER CLUB—“ The Night Gardener” by Fan, “Pitter and Patter” by Sullivan, “Tree” by Teckentrup, “Surprise in the Meadow” by Vojtech, “Timo’s Garden” by Allenby, “Poison Petals: Don’t Eat” by Lawrence, “Healing Plants: Medicine from Nature” by Lawrence, “Try This! Gardening” by Turnbull, “Plants From Pits: How to Grow a Garden from Kitchen Scraps” by Farrell, “The Flower Workshop” by Chezar and “Grow Native” by Steiner.



July 2015 - February 2016 Memorial Books:

Kevin Baiotto - Given by Mark & Diane Burger. "You Can Do It, Bert!" by Konnecke.

Kevin Baiotto- Given by Al & Liz Srnka. "Water Exercise" by Layne.

Frieda Fries - Given by Mark & Diane Burger. "Goodnight Manger" by Sassi.

Frieda Fries- Given by David & Kathy Erwin. "What Pet Should I Get" by Seuss.

Jack Ward- Given by Jaxon Laudwig & Anita Coffman. "The Complete Guide to North American Fishing" by Schultz.

Jack Ward- Given by David & Kathy Erwin. "There's a Lion in My Cornflakes" by Robenson.

Pat Murdock - Given by Mark & Alice Fast. "Pristine Seas" by Sala.

Pat Murdock- Given by David & Kathy Erwin. "Traveling Butterflies" by Shingu.

Pat Murdock- Given by Bill & Rita Henderson. "I Hear a Pickle (And Smell, See, Touch, and Taste It, Too!)" by Isadora and "Rock-A-Bye Romp" by Ashman.

Dr. Linda Twining - Given by Pat Pulis. "Hedgehugs" by Wilson and "Fancy Nancy: Saturday Night Sleepover" by O'Connor.

Dr. Linda Twining- Given by Diane Burger. "Book of Nature Poetry".

Emily Christensen- Given by Alice Fast. "Butterflies and Moths" by Carter.

Glennis Elder- Given by Alice Fast. "1000 Quilt Inspirations" by Sider.

Raymond Salter- Given by David & Kathy Erwin. "Emergency Vehicles" by Green.

Inga Thompson Pickett- Given by David & Kathy Erwin. "Fancy Nancy-The Show Must Go On" by O'Connor.

Alan Osborn- Given by David & Kathy Erwin. "Daylight/Starlight/Wildlife" by Minor.

Georgia Walter- Given by AZ Club. "Sisters-In-Law: How Sandra Day O'Connor & Ruth Bader Ginsburg Went to the Supreme Court & Changed the World" by Hershman.

Loren Hatfield- Given by David & Kathy Erwin. "Bear and Bunny" by Pinkwater.

Irene Sherer- Given by Gregg & Velda Dougherty. "National Geographic Rarely Seen Photographs".

Teresa Pagliai- Given by Karla & Herman Truitt. "Autumn in a Jiffy" by Gooseberry.

Julia Riley- Given by Karla Truitt. "Bear and Hare Snow" by Gravett.

Amei ( a very special dog)- Given by Mia, Mardi, & Troy Smith. "Go to Sleep, Monty!" by Geyer.

Vauncille Eitel- Given by Roseva Albertson, Kristin Fields, Sandra Larson, Gary Albertson, Karen Albertson & Teresa Albertson. "What You See" by Ryan, "Fear the Dark" by Hooper, "Host" by Cook, "Masked Truth" by Armstrong, "Cat in a Zebra Zoot Suit: A Midnight Louie Mystery" by Douglas, and "The Dead Will Tell" by Castillo.

Vauncille Eitel- Given by Susie Keim. "No Cats Allowed: A Cat in the Stacks Mystery" by James.

Vauncille Eitel- Given by Suzi Kohler & Gina Rybkowski. "Ketzel the Cat Who Composed" by Newman and "Mummy Cat" by Marcus Ewert.

Vauncille Eitel- Given by Greg & Patricia Maloney. "The Girls She Left Behind" by Graves and "The Necessary Murder of Nonie Black: A Samuel Craddock Mystery" by Shames.

Vauncille Eitel- Given by Kirksville Women of the Moose Chapter #824. "Aaron and Alexander: The Most Famous Duel in American History" by Brown and " The Full Moon at the Napping House" by Wood.

Vauncille Eitel- Given by Family & Friends. "Dork Diaries: Tales from a Not-So-Perfect Pet Sitter" by Russell, "These Shallow Graves" by Donnelly, "Class Dismissed" by Woodrow, "Splat the Cat: Twice the Mice" by Scotton, "Mary Cassatt: Extraordinary Impressionist Painter" by Herkert, "Guts & Glory: The American Civil War" by Thompson, "The Whisper by Zagarenski, "Thomas Jefferson Grows a Nation" by Thomas, "The Boy Who Fell off the MayFlower" by Lynch, "Webster: Tale of an Outlaw" by White, and "Terror at Bottle Creek" by Key.

Vauncille Eitel- Given by Sydney & Sue Ross. "Taste of Home: 5 Ingredient Cookbook" and "Sweetie Pie's Cookbook: Soulful Southern Recipes, From my Family to Yours" by Robie.

Vauncille Eitel- Given by Friends & Family. "Depraved Heart" by Cornwell, "Miss Ruffles Inherits Everything" by Martin and "The Crossing" by Connelly.


August 2015 - December 2015 Honor Books:

Alanna Preussner- Given by The Friends of the Library. "The Swede: a novel" by Karjel.

Bobby Hatfield- Given by Matt, Mandy & Emma Ledford. "The Nonsense Show" by Carle.

Ruthie, My Own Fancy Nancy - Given by Sheryl Feiner. "Fancy Nancy and the Fabulous Fashion Boutique" by O'Connor.

Herman Truitt - Given by Karla & Jeremy Truitt. "Jesus: An Illustrated Life" by Isbouts

Grace Mohler- Given by Mom & Dad. "Night World" by Gerstein, "The LIttle Gardener" by Hughes, "The Day the Crayons Came Home" by Daywalt, "Pool" by Lee, "Jackrabbit McCabe & the Electric Telegraph" by Rozier, "Small Wonders: Jean-Henri Fabre & His World of Insects" by Smith, "8: An Animal Alphabet" by Cooper.

Emily Van Rie- Given by  National Honor Society, Kirksville High School Chapter. "The House" by Lauren.

Dallin Vorkink - Given by National Honor Society, Kirksville High School Chapter. "Samurai Santa: A Very Ninja Christmas" by Pingk.

Katie Jones- Given by National Honor Society, Kirksville High School Chapter. "Survivors: Storm of Dogs" by Hunter.

Matthew Jackson- Given by National Honor Society, Kirksville High School Chapter. "The Call of the Osprey" by Patent.

Lauren Housten- Given by National Honor Society, Kirksville High School Chapter. "The Detour" by Bodeen.

Haely Hatfield- Given by National Honor Society, Kirksville High School Chapter. "Fire Engine No. 9" by Austin.

Jessica Fleshman- Given by National Honor Society, Kirksville High School Chapter. "Drive" by Hatanaka.

Avery Findling- Given by National Honor Society, Kirksville High School Chapter. "Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Old School" by Kinney.

Jenna Engel- Given by National Honor Society, Kirksville High School Chapter. "Dinosaurs From Head to Tail" by Roderick.

Emily Eitel- Given by National Honor Society, Kirksville High School Chapter. "The Gingerbread Man Loose at Christmas" by Murray.

Duncan Clark- Given by National Honor Society, Kirksville High School Chapter. "The Twelve Days of Christmas" by Griffin.

Adam Alghalith- Given by National Honor Society, Kirksville High School Chapter. "A Shiloh Christmas" by Naylor.

Katelyn Lincoln- Given by National Honor Society, Kirksville High School Chapter. "How to Catch Santa" by Reagan.

Riley Lee- Given by National Honor Society, Kirksville High School Chapter. "Beyond the Pond" by Kuefler.

Micah Krueger- Given by National Honor Society, Kirksville High School Chapter. "Ally-Saurus & the First Day of School" by Torrey.

Madison Williams- Given by National Honor Society, Kirksville High School Chapter. "Rufus the Writer" by Bram.

Erica Wollmering- Given by National Honor Society, Kirksville High School Chapter. "Dork Diaries: Tales From a Not-So-Perfect Pet Sitter" by Russell.

Tiffany Meddlemass- Given by National Honor Society, Kirksville High School Chapter. "When on Earth: History as You've Never Seen it Before".

Linnea Moody- Given by National Honor Society, Kirksville High School Chapter. "Izzy & Oscar" by Estes.

Kristen Pagliai- Given by National Honor Society, Kirksville High School Chapter. "The Night Before Christmas" by Moore.

Parker & Tucker Peterson- Given by National Honor Society, Kirksville High School Chapter. "Caps for Sale" by Slobodkina.

Gabriella Abreo- Given by National Honor Society, Kirskville High School Chapter. "Happily Ever After" by Cass.

Kirksville Noon Rotary Club-Guest Speakers 2015- Given by Kirksville Noon Rotary Club. Kevin Powell, Jeff Jachura & Rebecca Emlund-"Civil War: A Visual History". Kathy Otero & Jill Williams, Ann Roeder & Nathan McHenry- "The Handy American History Answer Book" by Hudson. Mandeep Karki & Jessica Rooks-"Pitch by Pitch: My View of One Unforgettable Game" by Gibson. Drew Pratt, Rotary District Governor Ralph Cupelli, & Deb Wohlers Executive Director of Adair County SB 40-"Grow All You Can Eat in 3 Square Feet". Emily Burke & 2015-2016 Rotary President Tim Peters-"Bartlett Book of Garden Elements". Renee Brayton & Richard D. Allinson-"Dawn to Dark Photographs: The Magic of Light". Jim LeBaron & Roger Edge and Rotary President Tim Peters-"Modern Military Aircraft: The World's Great Weapons" by Newdick. Dale Schenewerk, D'Ann Campbell & Murilyn Koutstaal-"Bishop's Boys: A Life of Wilbur & Orville Wright" by Crouch. Corey Eagen & Jeff Romine-"A History of Baseball in 100 Objects" by Leventhal. Jim LeBaron & Sandra Williams-"Gooseberry Patch: Fresh & Easy Family Meals". Representative Nate Walker & Boy Scouts of America,Troop 361-"The Book of Real Missouri Records" by Malone.


September 2015 -January 2016 Gifts:

Anonymous - "Essential Perennials for Every Garden" by Roth.

Mike Ashcraft & Family- "Eyewitness Explorer: Bird Watcher" by Burnie, "World According to Batman" by Wallace, "Butterflies of the World" by Hoskins, "No Time To Cook! Book" by Rosemond-Hoerr, "Growing the Midwest Garden" by Lyon, "Disney Book: A Celebration of the World of Disney".

Dr. Sydney & Sue Ross- "Never Turn Your Back on an Angus Cow" by Pol, "How to Prune Trees, Shrubs & Climbers" by Bird, "Lidia's Mastering the Art of Italian Cuisine" by Bastianich, "Martha Stewart's Appetizers" by Stewart, "The Gardener's Year", "National Parks: An Illustrated History" by Heacox.

Hastings - "My Kitchen Year" by Reich, "Fix-It and Forget-It Slow Cooker Magic" by Good, "Hobby Farm Animals" by Weaver, "National Geographic: Rarely Seen: Photographs of the Extraordinary", "All Things Quilting with Alex Anderson" by Anderson, "Wildlife of the World".

Dr. & Mrs. Charles Kline, D.O.- "Bear & Hare Go Fishing" by Gravett, "Beep! Beep! Go to Sleep" by Tarpley, "Finding Winnie" by Mattick, "Hansel & Gretel" by Hobbie, "In a Village by the Sea" by Van, "Lincoln and His Boys" by Wells, "Little Butterfly" by Shahan, "Maisy Goes on a Plane" by Cousins, "Max and Marla" by Boiger, "McToad Mows Tiny Island" by Angleberger, "Race Car Count" by Dotlich, "Sea Bones" by Barner, "The Sky is Falling" by Teague, "Toby and the Ice Giants by Lillington, "The Turnip" by Brett, "Vincent Paints His House" by Arnold, "Where is Jumper" by Walsh.

Dr. Sydney & Sue Ross - "Horse Lover: A Cowboy's Quest to Save the Wild Mustang" by Day, "Audubon Birdhouse Book: Building, Placing & Maintaining Great Homes for Great Birds" by Barker, "Derek Jeter: Thanks for the Memories #2" by Fischer, "Complete Outdoors Encyclopedia: Camping, Fishing, Hunting, Boating" by Sparano and "Undeniable Evolution & the Science of Creation" by Rye.

Sojourner's Club-"Daughter of the Regiment" by Whitson, "Inn at Ocean's Edge" by Coble, "Bittersweet" by Albert, "Badlands" by Box, "New Hope" by Carr, "Whenever You Come Around" by Hatcher, "We Never Asked For Wings" by Diffenbaugh, "Ever After" by Deveraux, "Texas Tough" by Dailey, "Garden of Lies" by Quick, "Taken" by Henderson, "Book of Speculation" by Swyler, "Sound of Glass" by White, "Last Time I Saw Her" by Robards, "Descent" by Johnston, "Early Warning" by Smiley, "Wildfire" by Lindsey, "Love Letters" by Lewis, "Brown Eyed Girl" by Kleypas, "Finders Keepers" by King, "Your Next Breath" by Johansen, "Last Bookaneer" by Pearl, "Brush Back" by Paretsky, "Trauma" by Palmer, "Black Cauldron"(DVD), "Home on the Range"(DVD), "Make Mine Music"(DVD), "Blaze & the Monster Machines: High Speed Adventures"(DVD), "Berestain Bears: Summer Family Fun"(DVD), "Dora & Friends: Doggie Day"(DVD), "LEGO: Star Wars: New Yoda Chronicles"(DVD), "Melody Time"(DVD), "Strange Magic"(DVD), "Cedar Cove" Season 2(DVD), "Bang the Drum Slowly"(DVD), "Barbie Rock 'N Royals"(DVD), "Cokeville Miracle"(DVD), "To Kill a Mockingbird"(DVD), "Underdog Kids"(DVD), "Monster High: Scaris"(DVD), "Duff"(DVD), "Mia & Me: Discover Centopia"(DVD), Belle & Sebastian"(DVD), "Age of Adaline"(DVD), "Aristocats"(DVD), "Bedtime Stories"(DVD), "Birds of Paradise"(DVD), "Enchanted"(DVD), "Jake & the Never Land Pirates: Jake Saves Bucky"(DVD), "Jake & the Never Land Pirates: Peter Pan Returns"(DVD), "Jake & the Never Land Pirates: Yo Ho, Matey Away"(DVD), "Jungle Book"(DVD), "Killing Lincoln"(DVD), "Little Einsteins:"Flight of the Instrument Fairies"(DVD), "Looney Tunes Spotlight Collection"(DVD), "Marvel's the Avengers: Age of Ultron"(DVD), "Mary Poppins"(DVD), "Monsters, Inc"(DVD), "Penguins of Madagascar"(DVD), "The Rescuers"(DVD), "The Rescuers Down Under"(DVD), "Return From Witch Mountain"(DVD), "Sofia the First: One Upon a Princess"(DVD), "Tarzan"(DVD), "Tomorrowland"(DVD), "Toy Story 2"(DVD), "I'll See You In My Dreams"(DVD), "Justice League: Gods & Monsters"(DVD), "LEGO Friends:Friends Together Again"(DVD), "Pixies"(DVD), "San Andreas"(DVD), "Twitches Too"(DVD), "Disney's A Christmas Carol"(DVD), "Tom & Jerry: Fur Flying Adventures", "Timeslingers"(DVD), "Squanto: A Warrior's Tale"(DVD), "Hocus Pocus"(DVD), "Thunderpants"(DVD), "Simple Wish"(DVD), "Pixels"(DVD), "Max"(DVD), "Bugs Bunny & Friends"(DVD), "Jr Detective Agency"(DVD), "Mickey Mouse Playhouse: Minnie-Rella"(DVD), "Bolt"(DVD), "Bridge to Terabithia"(DVD), "Race to Witch Mountain"(DVD), "Matilda"(DVD), "Sofia the First: Ready to be a Princcess"(DVD), "Monster High: Boo York, Boo York"(DVD), "Peter Pan"(DVD), "Littlest Pet Shop: Halloween Fest"(DVD), "Toy Story 3"(DVD), "Toy Story of Terror"(DVD), "Toy Story"(DVD).

Glenda Hunt(Retirement)- Given by Teri Crandall. Gift to Endowment.

Glenda Hunt(Retirement)- Given by Don & Darlene Gaertner. Gift to Endowment.

Glenda Hunt(Retirement)- Given by Fran Norman. Gift to Endowment.

Glenda Hunt(Retirement)- Given by Friends & Family. Gift to Endowment.

Vauncille Eitel- Given by Ron & Jane Schaper. Gift to Endowment.

Vauncille Eitel-Given by Friends & Family. Gift to Endowment.



Establishing an Endowment:

- An endowment must be a minimum of $1,000. Contributions can be made over a one year period to build the endowment gift to $1,000

- Gifts can be added to the endowment at any time to increase the endowment after it is established in the amount of $1,000

- Only the interest is spent each year, never the principal, so an endowment is a continuous memorial gift

- A plate is placed inside each item purchased with endowment funds. Endowment publicity is submitted to the newspaper/media unless otherwise requested

- Organizations, friends, familiy, or individuals may establish endowments

- An endowment established by an individual is a tax-deductible gift

Contact Glenda Hunt, Library Director, about establishing an endowment or presenting a gift to the Adair County Public Library.


Endowments as of January 2016:

American Legion, MacDougall-Lowe Post #20 Kirksville

Joseph E. Ressner

Lola G. Bell

Sojourner's Club

Gilbert & Mary Jane Kohlenberg

Shannon Dean Muir

Joyce Rollins

Dr. Charles & Sharon Pritchard

Friends of the Adair County Public Library

Kirksville Rotary Club

Frank & Judy Oberle

General Library Endowment

Jennie Greenslate Barker (Aunt of Jo Scott)

Wal-Mart Foundation

Clayton B. & Odessa Ofstad

Emil & Pat Green

Thomas & Linda Lehmann

Steve Barteau Family

Tom Laughlin

J. Mark Scearce

Michael J. Scearce

John & Jane Bartling

Jeanne Wilson

Bruce & Carol Collier

Dr. Teresa Heckert

Harold & Becky Osborn

Jack Branscom

John & Jacquelyn Settlage

Chariton Laboratory Service- Dr. Jeffrey D. Morasco, Dr. Marla L. Evans, and Dr. Anirudha Halder

Marian Josephine Lehr

Paul & Glenda Hunt

Margaret E. Rogers Trust

Dr. Richard & Bess Mercer

The Heckert Family

Edward & Marietta Jayne

Alvina M. Britz

Dwight & Judy Hart

Catherine Motter

Herman James Netterfield

Frances P. Norman

Kirksville Kiwanis Club

Earl E. Rogers Trust Inc.

Thousand Hills Rotary Club

Cathy Rethmeier and Family

Travis W. Freeman

William & Eva Jane Noe

Mark H. Laughlin

Pat Borrok

Kirksville Women of the Moose Chapter 824

John Batchelor

Vauncille Eitel

Mark & Diane Burger

Books Purchased with Endowment Fund Interest


The Recognition Tree

The Library Board of Trustees established a Recognition Tree on the east wall at the Library entrance. Policies to have a gold leaf placed on the Recognition Tree:

- Discretionary monetary donations must total $1,000 or more to qualify the donor's name to be engraved on a leaf for inclusion on the Recognition Tree

- All endowments (past, present and future) of $1,000 or more will be added to the Recognition Tree. Future additions of $1,000 or more to an existing endowment will be recognized with an additional leaf

- Donations for memorials and/or tributes submitted for the purchase of books and materials will not qualify the donor's name for inclusion on the Recognition Tree. The reason for this is that all books and materials purchased by these donations will have a memorial or tribute plaque affixed to the item thus giving the donor recognition for said item

- A donor may have one leaf per year for each category of new endowment, memorial, tribute or gift

- The tree will be updated yearly or at the discretion of the Library Board or Director

- For consistency in recognition and appearance the wording on leaves will have the name, type of donation (endowment, memorial, tribute, gift) and year