Internet Policy

Internet Policy

Nature of the Internet: The Adair County Public Library (ACPL) has no control of the Internet resources and assumes no responsiblity for the quality, accuracy, or currency of any Internet resource.

Staff assistance: Staff will provide limited assistance for basic start up procedures. Library staff cannot provide in-depth training due to time and knowledge constraints.

Time Limits: Internet computers are available on a first-come, first-serve basis and may not be reserved ahead of time. The Library uses "CASSIE" time/print management software on the public access computers. There is a 2 hour daily limit use of the Internet. Customers will need their full library card number as their CASSIE patron ID and their password (PIN #) is the last 4 digits of their phone number. To change passwords, customers must go to the circulation desk and staff will change it for them. Customers must have an Adair County Public Library card. Non-patrons traveling through may use the public access computers after registering at the circulation desk.

Hours available: Tuesday-Wednesday 9am-7:30pm; Thursday-Friday 9am-5:30pm; Saturday 10am-3:30pm.

Printing: Each black/white copy is $0.25 per page and color copies are $0.50 per page. CASSIE requires payment at the circulation desk before printing.

Downloading: Patrons may not use their own software and may not download on the hard drive. No equipment is to be attached to the library's computers and library computers are not to be altered in any manner. USB devices are to be scanned by library staff before use on a library computer.

Ethical Use: Internet computers may not be used for illegal purposes. Unacceptable uses include, but are not limited to: harassment of other users; accessing, displaying or creating images or materials that would be considered obscene or pornographic by community standards; distubing the peace of the library or other customers; libeling or slandering other users; destruction of or damage to equipment, software, or data belonging to the library or other users; disruption or unauthorized monitoring of electronic communications; or unauthorized copying of copyright-protected material. Unauthorized access including hacking or other unlawful activities by minors and all other library customers is strictly prohibited. Due to the physical layout of the library, children and adults access the same computers. Accessing illegal or offensive material will be cause to lose all Internet privileges.

Filters: To comply with the Children's Internet Protection Act, all public access computers with Internet access are filtered with MOREnet's Netsweeper©. The filter is enabled 24/7 - no exceptions.

Registration and User Agreement: All users of the Internet computers must sign an Internet agreement when logging into the CASSIE software.

Access to minors (customers under the age of 18): Parents or legal guardians must assume responsibility for deciding which library resources are appropriate for their own children.

Safety and security of minors: Never give out identifying information such as home address, school name or phone number. Never arrange a meeting with someone via computer without parent/guardian approval. Never respond to messages that are suggestive, obscene, threatening, or make you uncomfortable. Remember that people online may not be who they say they are.

Technology equitable access: Persons with special needs should request staff assistance at the circulation desk for accommodations.