Planning Process Goals for 2015 - 2019


Revised and Updated November 2014


1.  Since staff is an integral part of the success of the library, emphasis must be maintained to provide a well-qualified, knowledgeable, friendly, and service-oriented staff that receives on-going training to meet established competencies. 

     A.  Opportunities for on-going training will be developed.  

          i.  Online access to training classes will be acquired.  Staff will be encouraged to participate in recommended classes.

          ii.  Safety and Emergency Preparedness will be emphasized at regular staff meetings.
               a.  City Safety Coordinator will provide training at two staff meetings.
               b.  Part of annual staff training day will be devoted to updating safety training.

          iii.  In-house workshops scheduled and attendance required.

          iv.  Emphasis placed in evaluations on meeting basic technical competencies.

     B.  Ensure that patron-focused service remains a top priority.

          i.  Regular customer service workshop held yearly.

          ii.  Training of all new employees will require emphasis on quality customer service.

          iii.  Evaluations will continue to emphasize quality interaction with patrons.

          iv.  Materials and equipment will be acquired for staff to meet patron technology needs; staff training modules will be developed focusing on technology matters.

     C.  Staff will develop “protocols” for standardization of service.

          i.  Supervisory staff will develop standard protocols for handling customer issues.  The purpose is to handle patron issues in the same way at both desks by all staff.                       (2015)

          ii.  Protocols will be written and copies placed at both desks.

          iii.  Evaluations will be changed to require compliance with protocols.  (2015)

          iv.  Other areas for standardization will be assessed. (2016)

2.  Since one of the key factors in the library’s success has been the BPL building, continued emphasis must be placed on providing a high-quality facility that is adaptive to meet the needs of a growing and diverse community.     

     A.  Completion of building maintenance and upgrades escrowed in previous budget years.

          i.  Landscaping plan developed to replace shrubbery and trees - 2015.

          ii.  Renovation of unused work space for reading room completed -  2015

          iii.  Track lighting installed to cover shelving areas that are darker.  FY15/16

          iv.  Carpeting RFP for hallways and front magazine area prepared for FY16/17.

     B.  Facility Plan developed for future escrow amounts for both internal and external needs in time for FY16/17 budget.

     C.  Feasibility Study by WYK from 2008 updated in FY16/17 dealing with expansion and renovation of the library building.

          i.  Discussions with City Manager and City Council about expansion to the building based on costs estimated in Feasibility Study.  Decisions from Board and Council on                  how and when to proceed.  FY 17/18

          ii.  Fundraising plan developed and implemented.  FY18/19

          iii.  RFP written to hire architect; staff liaison will be appointed to work with architect.  FY19/20

3.  The library will provide services, programs and collections of sufficient depth and diversity to meet the information and leisure time needs of the community whether within the physical library or online.                          

     A.  Dramatic increase of usage of online access to audiobooks, ebooks and database services necessitate greater funding to meet demand.  Three percent increase per                year of the library’s materials budget will be devoted to online materials bringing it to 50% by 2019.

     B.  Online databases, subscriptions, and interactive services will be greatly expanded requiring at least 20% of the material’s budget.

             i.  Three new online services will be added per year.

            ii.  Budget requests will be made to expand into these areas. 

     C.  Collection analysis will be undertaken to re-align purchasing to meet patron’s needs.  Eliminate less-used print and audio-visual materials to increase shelf space for                higher-demand items.

          i.  Purchase of software to analyze collection use.  FY15-16.

          ii.  Development of resource sharing policies with area libraries to maximize collection use and space allocations.

     D.  Programs will be increased each year for both children and adults.

          i.  A survey will be developed to discern the public’s needs particularly in the area of technology.  2015.

          ii.  Results of the survey and a staff report will make recommendations to the board and council on the direction the library should take and the funding required.    A                            multi-year plan will be developed to attract citizens to participate in programs; funding and staff will be allocated.

          iii.  Emphasis on programs will be initially directed towards pre-school early development as well as seniors.  FY15-17

     E.  Usage of the meeting room will be re-evaluated.  Examination of other areas of the library for meeting room use or creative spaces will be undertaken.  Costs and                        equipment needs obtained for budget consideration.

4.  The library will provide greater and enhanced access to relevant technology to help library customers of all generations, and all levels of technological expertise to access its collections and online information sources. 

     A.  Priority will be placed on keeping computers and Internet access up to date for both patrons and staff to maximize access to services.  2016

          i.  Replacing desktop computers with tablets or laptops thus freeing up space from stationary computers and library carrels.

          ii.  Report developed about re-configuring electrical access to meet  needs of modern device using patrons.  Consideration of acquisition of furniture with electrical                            access ports.  Budget request for FY16-17.

     B.  Hiring of technical staff member to assist in both staff and patron training as well as maintaining equipment and website.  With 50 percent of library collections and                      services online by 2019, technology staff on site is a necessity.  FY16-17.

     C.  All staff will be able to assist patrons in their technology needs.  Technology knowledge will be required in hiring all desk staff and emphasized in all job descriptions                   and evaluations.

          i.  Equipment and devices will be purchased to provide hands-on training for both staff and patrons; programs will be developed or services purchased to assist patrons                 in the use of new technology.

          ii.  The Director will assign all staff members to online training on the TLC Online Campus and the Overdrive Support Center at regular intervals.

     D.  Library staff will investigate the long-term implications of transferring to a hosted service of TLC in FY 16-17.

     E.  Library will enable one self-checkout unit in FY 15-16; evaluation on its usefulness will be obtained before expanding program.

     F.  Library will acquire door-counting equipment to more accurately record usage.  (FY15-16.)

     G.  Library will develop plan to preserve historic photographs and content including acquisition, equipment, staff time, and training.  These materials will be made available              on the Internet.  Initiate discussion on a county-wide co-operative project.  (2016)

5.  The library will improve awareness of services, collections and programs by refining and enhancing current marketing efforts.  

     A.  The website available through TLC as well as the City’s website will be better utilized and promoted to increase awareness of library schedules and programming.                       2015-2019

          i.  Software will be acquired to better develop reading lists and interest materials that can integrate with the website.  An online newsletter will be developed that can be                   sent via email to users.

          ii.  Use of Connect Bridgeport will be a regular assignment.

          iii.  Television advertisements and commercials will be increased.

          iv.  Expansion of library’s social media presence.

     B.  Greater awareness of the capabilities of the library’s online collections will be emphasized and areas for expansion examined.

          i.  Remote access of databases will be required for all purchases.

          ii.  Consideration of co-operative database purchasing with other area libraries to save costs and maximize marketing.

          iii.  Continued expansion of the WVDELI in size and collections will be emphasized.

          iv.  Regularly. updated online and physical materials will be developed and publicity releases made to market online services.

     C.  An integrated marketing strategy will be developed and implemented.

     D.  Survey needs and interests of Bridgeport citizens as regards collections, services and building; make use of City’s Qualtrics subscriptions for online surveys.

     E.  Participate in County-wide strategic plan for all libraries in Harrison County; develop co-operative ventures with non-county libraries such as Marion County and                             Morgantown to jointly market and share programming and resources.  2015-2016

6.  Since meeting these goals will require either additional funding or enhancing current services, the library will investigate and implement a means to facilitate donations of time and money by developing a framework for on-going fund raising, and partnership/volunteer programs; the library will also investigate and participate in consortia building with local library agencies.

     A.  Revitalize Friends of the Library.

     B.  Develop a memo of understanding with local county libraries to co-operate and share library services and collections.  15-16

          i.  Develop legal agreement and bylaws regarding shared services.

          ii.  Obtain state or grant funding for consolidating services such as transferring and storing collections and purchasing online databases.

     C.  Examine the role of the Library Trust as future vehicle for library expansion; plan for future of current trust account.  2015

     D.  Update policy for volunteer programs and develop training module for assignments.

Adopted by the Board on November 20, 2014