Reviews for Soulkeeper The Keepers Series, Book 1. [electronic resource] :

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The beginning of an epic trilogy set in a world where magic has just returned."Your time of humans ends. More will wake." When he hears this from a creature made of living stone, Devin can't help but believe. But he still has far more questions than answers, starting with: Is this the end of days? And how much of the world has been destroyed by the mysterious black water that's swept across the landscape, leaving nothing but rot and decay in its wake? As a Soulkeeper, Devin is trained to help the souls of the dead find their ways to the heavens and the embrace of the goddess Anwyn. But in this new world, with magical creatures returning, the dead walking, and a mountain moving toward Londheim, Devin will have to draw on all his skills, and friends old and new, to survive. Those friends include his brother-in-law, Tommy, who now has the ability to work magic spells, his sister, Adria, who has started healing the sick, plus a firekin, a faery, and a woman named Jacaranda, who is something completely impossible. True, Devin is the least interesting of these characters, but his friends' strong desires make them more compelling. Dalglish (Shadowborn, 2017, etc.) has created a rich and intriguing world and keeps the plot moving along at a steady pace.Fantasy fans will enjoy this story, where everything is changing and the fate of the human raceand some appealing charactersis at stake. Copyright Kirkus Reviews, used with permission.