Adult Summer Reading - Oceans of Possibilities
Did you know...

Oceans cover over 70% of the earth’s surface? (

94% of the earth’s living species exist in the oceans? (

Less than 5% of the planet’s oceans have been explored? ( .

The world’s highest mountain is under water? ( .

About 50% of the United States is beneath the ocean? ( .

The Pacific Ocean is the world’s largest ocean and had about 25,000 islands? (

Scientists estimate that the ocean is the source of at least half of the earth’s oxygen and that some suggest as much as 80%? (Nation Ocean Service, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce).

The ocean produces about 17% of the world’s per capita consumption of animal protein? (American Geophysical Union).

The Mariana Trench is the deepest place on earth? If you could place Mount Everest at the bottom of the Mariana Trench, it would still be 7,000 below sea level. (National Geographic Society).

Big Sur (1974) by Andrew Rush. Cedar City permanent art collection.




"Oceans of Possiblities"

2022 Summer Reading Program for Adults





Thank you for joining the 2022 Summer Reading Program for adults. This year we are trying something a little different - we are going online. We thought that the last thing participants needed was one more piece of paper to track, so we are trying to make it more convenient for you.

The Summer reading program for all ages will extend from May 31 - August 13. 

As you read on, you will find links to readings and possible activities that will help you complete the 2022 Summer Reading Program. There are four (4) categories. Participants are required to complete eight (8) activities. At least one activity should be from each category. When you have completed the program, simply click the "I've completed the program" link. That will take you to a survey asking your name, contact number, what activities you completed, and a brief survey about the 2022 program.

Let's get started!

Since we are a library, half (50% of our summer reading program will be literature based - 25% poetry and 25% prose. Did you know that the Library Department has the responsibility for the City's art collection and many art programs? Therefore, 25% of the activities will be art based. Finally, the last 25% will be participation based. Many of the restrictions that we have been under have been lifted. People are getting out again and we encourage safe and responsible activities. 

Poetry: Below are 10 poems about the oceans or seas. Links are provided for you to go directly to the poem. In some cases, links are provided for you to listen to the poem being read. Read or listen to at least one poem.

Read a poem about the ocean or sea. You are welcome to find one of your own choosing or use the links below.

By the Sea (1896) by Emily Dickinson, 1930-1886. Read Listen - Reader unknown. Time: 0:51. 
Dover Beach (1851) by Matthew Arnold, 1822-1888, Read Listen - Read by Tom O'Bedlam. Time: 2:02)
The Ocean (1825) by Nathaniel Hawthorne, 1804-1864. Read Listen - Read by Alan Davis Drake, 1945-2010. Time: 1:16.
The Rime of the Ancient Mariner (1798) by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, 1772-1834. Read Listen - Read by Ian McKellen. Time: 31:00.
Seaweed (1850) by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, 1807-1882. Read Listen - Read by Gideon Wagner. Time: 2:14.
The Sea is History (1979) by Derek Walcott, 1930-2017. Read Listen - Read by the author. Time: 4:13.
The Chambered Nautilus (1858) by Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr., 1809-1894. Read Listen - Read by Celeste Lawrenson. Time: 2:12.
Waters Read (not available) Listen - Performed by Brave New Voices, Washington DC Team, 2014.
Whales Weep Not (published postumously, (1932) by D. H. Lawrence, 1885-1930. Read Listen - Read by Leonard Nemoy. Time 7:54.
White-caps by Ruby Archer, 1873-1961. Read Listen (not available)


Untitled watercolor by "Fitzgerald." Part of Cedar City's permanent art collection.


Read, listen to, or watch any item in the Library’s collection that is about or takes place in or on the ocean or sea.

Remember! The Library’s collection includes all of the materials at the Library and all of the eBooks, eAudio, or eVideo in the Beehive Library Consortium.



Swim, tube, water ski, SCUBA, snorkel, boogie board, surf, fish, boat, river raft – you name it. If it takes place in or on the water, it counts!

Donate to an ocean-related foundation or charity.

Clean up a local waterway.

Visit an aquarium or an ocean/sea related venue. We know time is limited and budgets are always a factor. If you can’t visit an aquarium in person, check out these live webcam virtual visits. Yup! They count too.

Monterey Bay Aquarium,
Georgia Aquarium:
Aquarium of the Pacific:


Out of the Deep Blue by Art Allen. Part of the City's permanent art collection.

Did you know that the Cedar City Library has the responsibility for city-related art displays and art creation?

Produce a work of art inspired by the oceans. You may

  • Write a poem or a story about the ocean.
  • Draw, paint, or sculpt something that is ocean inspired.
  • Share a ocean related story with a child like the first time you saw the ocean or when you cruised or sailed on the ocean (storytelling).
  • Find your own way to produce something crafty or artistic. 
  • Find and prepare a new fish or seafood recipe.
  • Have a picnic by a body of water (lake, reservoir, stream) with family or friends.
  • Join or organize an activity to clean-up a waterway, lake, or reservoir.


All done? Click here to report your results and complete an evaluation.