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Iron Queen Meghan Chase's baby brother Ethan has grown into a broody bad boy. Ethan Chase wants nothing more than to keep his head down and avoid notice. He hates the fey, as they torment him and interfere with his life on a regular basis because he can see them. He ably fills the teen-literature trope of the bad boy with a heart of gold who pushes people away for their own protection by behaving like a jerk. But fresh from a fey-caused school expulsion, Ethan finds two new classmates who refuse to leave him alone--half-fey Todd, desperate for Ethan's help with a magical threat, and the rich, popular, attractive and above all, persistent school reporter, Kenzie. When Todd goes missing, Ethan surprises himself by plunging into Faery to try to save him from shadowy glamour-eating fey, a threat that may ring familiar to those who have read The Iron Knight (2011). Kenzie is caught in the crossfire. While unraveling the truth about this shadowy threat to Todd and other missing half-breeds and exiles, Ethan encounters various beloved Iron Fey characters in guest appearances and is joined by a simultaneously mysterious and familiar fey named Keirran. The danger accompanies multiple romantic plots. Kagawa's fans will enjoy this expansion of her world. (Fantasy. 12-15)]] Copyright Kirkus Reviews, used with permission.

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Kagawa's strong world building and character development of both fey and humans continues to abound as she opens a new cycle of her best-selling series The Iron Fey. As Ethan, 17, starts yet another new school, he is followed by rumors about his violent past. He is bitter about his abilities to see fey and sense the impending calamities they may be planning for the human world, but he grudgingly befriends Todd, a half-breed boy, as well as Kenzie, a fully human girl. When Todd disappears from his human home, Kenzie insists on accompanying Ethan in his search for his elder sister, the Iron Queen. Kagawa cleverly balances Ethan's complex emotional life, the humorous antics of misbehaving gremlins, Kenzie's jocular but authentic bravery, and the frightening powers held by historic fey. Readers new to this fantasy world will have no trouble becoming absorbed, while those who have read the four novels of The Iron Fey will be delighted to start in on this companion series, Call of the Forgotten. HIGH-DEMAND BACKSTORY: With volumes in the New York Times best-selling Iron Fey series continuing to draw new fans, this companion series is sure to spark wide interest.--Goldsmith, Francisca Copyright 2010 Booklist

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Kagawa kicks off her Iron Fey: Call of the Forgotten spinoff trilogy with a story told from the perspective of Ethan Chase, the younger brother of Meghan, who starred in the earlier books. Once a fey-snatched toddler, Ethan is now 17 and struggling to pretend that the "Nevernever" that swallowed up his sister doesn't exist. Starting fresh at a new school, Ethan immediately meets a human/phouka half-breed, Todd, who is desperate for help against an unknown threat. There's also a nosy school reporter, Kenzie, on the trail of the rumors surrounding Ethan. After Todd disappears, and a ghastly new kind of fey attacks Ethan and Kenzie, Ethan transports himself and Kenzie to the Nevernever, where the adventure really begins. This many books in, Kagawa is entirely at ease in her invented world, and her ability to create strong, intriguing characters has improved noticeably since The Iron King. Knowledge of the previous tales is helpful but not necessary-fans will feel right at home, and new readers will have no trouble finding their way. Ages 14-up. Agent: Laurie McLean, Larsen Pomada Literary Agents. (Nov.) (c) Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved.

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Gr 7 Up-Ethan Chase, 18, tells people that his older half sister, Meghan, is dead, but she's not. She left his family to live in Nevernever, the land of the faeries, as the Iron Queen, after the adventures related in Kagawa's first "Iron Fey" series (Harlequin Teen). This first volume in a follow-up series begins as Ethan's reputation as a troublemaker follows him to a new high school, where he saves a half-faery fellow student from bullies and finds himself facing new dangers. Ethan's magical Sight allows him to see the many fey creatures that surround him, but it also lets him see the creatures that drain faery magic. Joined by his friend Kenzie, Ethan travels to Nevernever to warn the fey of the danger they face. With new allies, they return home to confront the danger that threatens their friends, leading to an action-packed magical confrontation. Ethan's character stands out due to his negative attitude toward magic, his martial-arts skills, and his determination that not making friends is the best way to keep others around him safe. Kagawa allows the relationship between Ethan and Kenzie to develop slowly and realistically, revealing details about their pasts as the story progresses and creating a strong appeal to readers of both genders. Fans of the first "Iron Fey" series will be interested in seeing Meghan and her family again, while new readers will find enough detail to help them jump right in and enjoy the magic, adventure, and touch of romance.-Beth L. Meister, Milwaukee Jewish Day School, WI (c) Copyright 2012. Library Journals LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Media Source, Inc. No redistribution permitted.