Reviews for The Iron Knight

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The Iron Queen (2011), but her suitors were left behind. Meghan's iron kingdom is poisonous to fey such as her beloved Ash and best friend Puck, so the boys wander the Nevernever in search of magic to turn Ash human. As they taunt witches, fight Thornguards and travel the River of Dreams, Ash remembers the friendship he once shared with his rival. Before the death of their shared first love, Ariella, Ash and Puck were the best of friends. Is it a blessing or a curse that Ariella seems not to be so dead after all? She's the seer who'll lead the questers to the Testing Grounds, where Ash (too coldly competent to be fully likable) will be proven worthy of Meghan. This series ender suffers from an awkward blend of high-falutin' and prosaic: Our hero, full name Ashallayn'darkmyr Tallyn, complains when Puck "struck me upside the head." Tension between Ash and Puck drives this Boys' Own adventure. "If Puck was dead," Ash muses, "my world would become as cold and lifeless as the darkest night in the Winter Court." For fans who want complete closure or angsty manly friendships. (Fantasy romance. 12-15)]] Copyright Kirkus Reviews, used with permission.