Public Use of Study Rooms

Public Use of Study Rooms


Claiborne Parish Library has two study rooms available for public use. The Library’s study rooms are designed to meet the needs of patrons who want to work individually or groups of four for limited periods of time. Study rooms are not available for social gatherings or political activities, religious or proselytizing functions, or for the transaction of commerce. Tutors may utilize the study rooms in accordance with Library policy.

This policy applies to all rooms designated as study rooms only. Public access to meeting rooms and conference room is not covered under this policy.

Availability and Use

• Study rooms are available on a first come, first served basis for the general public when a room is available and has not been reserved.

• Reservations may be made up to one-week in advance by contacting the Circulation Desk, either in person or by phone. Reservations may be made by Claiborne Parish Library cardholders only. Reservations are limited to one, two-hour use session per day.

• The person who reserves the Study Room in advance must be present to use the Study Room. Reservations cannot be made by one person for use by another.

• While non-cardholders may not make advance reservations to use a study room, they may use a room on a “walk-in” basis, subject to the provisions of the Policy.

• The Library reserves the right to cancel a reservation if the space is required for its own use. Every effort will be made to give adequate notice of such cancellation.




• A valid library card or photo identification is required at sign-in. You must be 14 years old to use the study rooms unless accompanied by an adult.

• The identification card of the person who signs for the room is held by staff while the person or group is using the study room.

• If a person that has reserved a study room is not present by ten minutes past the start of the reserved time, the room may be assigned to another individual that is waiting.

• There is a two-hour time limit on the use of the study rooms. Library staff may extend use of a room beyond this limit when no one is waiting. Extensions are limited to one hour at a time.

• When a person or group is asked by staff to relinquish a room, a one-hour waiting period is instituted before that person or group may be assigned to another study room, depending upon room availability.

• The person who signs for the room is responsible for appropriate use of the room, and for ensuring that the room is left in good condition upon vacating.

• The Library is not responsible for individual belongings left in the room. Items left unattended shall be removed. All unclaimed items shall be left at the Circulation Desk “Lost & Found.”

• Laptops or personal computers, and other electronic devices may be used in the study rooms, provided the volume controls on such devices are adjusted so as not to interfere with others in the Library.

• Misuse or damage of the study rooms shall result in the loss of study room privileges. Destruction or defacement of Library property will not be tolerated and the room user will be required to bear the cost of any damage to the study room.

• Projects that involve materials including, but not limited to, glitter, paint, glue and other craft materials are not deemed appropriate for use in Library study rooms.

• There shall be no food in the study rooms. Covered beverages only are allowed.



• Failure to notify the Library of a cancellation may result in loss of study room privileges.

• Patrons must vacate any study room if another reservation is scheduled for that room.

• If the room is vacated prior to the reservation’s end time, the time will be made available for other users.


Rules of Use

• Furniture may not be brought into or removed from a study room without approval from Library staff.

• Study room users shall keep the noise level to a minimum and shall not disrupt other users of the Library. If the noise level disrupts other users of the Library, the individuals causing the excessive noise shall be removed from the study room or the Library.

• Patrons who leave the room unattended for more than fifteen minutes will forfeit their reservation.

• Patrons who use the study rooms are expected to leave the rooms in their original order.