Imagine a vital community center that informs and inspires… a dynamic space enriching the traditional realm of books.  Libraries inform citizens, nourish creativity, preserve the past, buoy democracy, build community and make this area a better place to live.  Your library has entered a new era.  We are now available 24/7 through a website rich in information, e-books, reference and database holdings. 


We invite you to visit our new building at 2057 N. Jackson Street, one block south of South Arkansas University.  We offer conference and study rooms, wireless internet, public computers and an entry foyer where coffee and snacks are welcome.   In addition, you will find lively children’s offerings, themed monthly displays, a mini-museum, a comfortable magazine area and our signature Bob and Nina Warnock Genealogy Room. 


Your donation will help us to further develop a headquarters for reading, research and community resources.  We invite you to invest in information, culture and education – empower generations to come!