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1.The income limit to file using has increased to $60,000 for taxpayers filing a federal tax return along with three state returns.

2. Check to see if you or a family member qualifies for the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC).

You may have money waiting for you with the Earned Income Tax Credit. If you earned less than $52,427 from wages, running a business or farm or from Form 1099 Misc, check the EITC Home Page and EITC Assistant to answer questions to see if you qualify and to estimate the amount of your credit.

EITC eligibility depends on several factors, including income and family size. If you don’t have a qualifying child and earned under $20,000, find out if you qualify for a smaller credit, worth as much as $496.

3. Check to see if you qualify for the new Affordable Care Act (ACA) at Premium Tax Credit.

4.  Before you can file your tax return through  or other electronic form, you must verify your identity with a Self-Select PIN or Adjusted Gross Income from your 2013 tax return.  Follow the information provided on the Get Your Electronic Filing PIN website.

5. NEED ASSISTANCE ? If you have questions about EITC or the new Affordable Care Act(ACA), how to complete the forms, you can call a certified tax coach using the toll free number 1-855-698-9435 or email .  If you are unable to contact the certified tax coach immediately, you can leave a message and your call will be returned within 24 hours**.

Assistors will be answering questions from Monday-Saturday 9 AM – 9 PM CST

*Questions are answered in the order that they are received

**Responses are provided within 24 hours; more complex questions may require additional research.


6. Now that you have reviewed the information above, located your PIN, you are set to proceed to .

ALERT: If you are being charged to prepare your
federal or state tax return and your income is $60,000 or less
and call 855-698-9435.

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Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) within CRLS Region – Contact

1216 W. Ninth Street
Sulphur, OK 73086

Phone: 580-622-5700

Dates JAN 2015- APR 15th 2015
Hours: Monday – Friday 9:00am – 4:00PM
Languages: ENGLISH


207 Capital
Tishomingo, OK 73460

Phone: 580-371-2352

Dates: JAN 2015 – APR 15th 2015
Hours: Monday – Friday 9:00am – 4:00pm
Languages: ENGLISH


301 West 10th St.
Atoka, OK 74525

Phone: 580-889-5193

Use the VITA locator tool to find a volunteer site near you to get help to
prepare and file your taxes.
You can prepare and e-file your own taxes with professional
software using IRS’s Free File.

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