Computer Tutor at CRLS

CRLS offers free tutoring designed for individuals who have little or no computer experience and want to update their skills.  Individuals wanting to schedule a private lesson should check with Pam Bean, Reference Librarian, phone 580-223-3164 or e-mail.

Computer Basics/ Mouse & Keyboard


 For those with few computer skills.  Class will introduce use of mouse and keyboard.  Other topics include working with windows and discussion of computer terminology.


1. Develop working knowledge of computer teminology.

2. Us the mouse and become familar with the keyboard.

3. Perfom basic computer tasks in the Windows environment. (ie get on the Internet, exit Internet, open a Word document, save and close a document.)

4. Troubleshoot common computer problems and proper shutdown procedure.

90 minute class. Limited seating.

Surf the Web (Beginner)

One-hour class designed to give novice users a brief introduction to the Internet.  Hands-on exercises give students a chance to explore the World Wide Web.  Participants should know how to use a mouse.  Limited seating.

Surf the Web II (Intermediate)

Class will edhance search skills, reading and evaluating websies and introduce databases as a valid source for research. Participants should have a basic knowledge of Internet and browser.  Limited seating.

Beginning E-Mail

An introduction to e-mail with hands-on exercises.  Participants will set up a free web e-mail account, learn how to compose, sent and reply to messages.  Participants whouls know how to use  a mouse and have basic typing skills.  Limited seating

Intermediate E-Mail

Class will learn to manage email: make & open attachments, make folders, delete messages, block SPAM and online chat.  Participants must have an email account and know their user name and password.  Limited seating.

Microsoft Word I

An introductory class to word processing using Microsoft Word 2010. Learn how to create simple documents, enter and format text, save and use simple word shortcuts.  Participants should know how to use a mouse and have basic typing skills.  Limited seating.

Microsoft Word II

For those with word processing experience.  Class will learn to use templates and advanced techniques for manipulating text. Limited seating.

Excel for Beginners

An introductory class to the use of spreadsheets using Microsoft Excel 2010.  Class will learn how to create and edit a simple spreadsheet and how to perform simple formatting techniques.  Participants should know how to use a mouse and have basic typing skills. Limited seating.


Class will learn to use their e-readers with Overdrive top check out ebooks from OK Virtual Library.  Participants must have an e-reader, cords to e-reader, and library card. Limited seating.