Inter Library Loan


1. What is Interlibrary Loan?

When materials you need are not available in any of the Chickasaw Regional (Public) Library System [CRLS] libraries, you can request these materials through the Interlibrary Loan Service (ILL). We will request these materials from another lending library.

2. Who Can Use ILL?

Patrons with a valid CRLS library card that are no longer Limited Use  and have no fines or fees may request interlibrary loan materials. Requests without a patron library card number will not be processed. Patrons may request up to five (5) items within a two week period.

3. Is There Any Cost to Use ILL?

CRLS libraries lend freely to one another. There is no charge for Interlibrary Loan if we get the item from one of our branch libraries. For all other requests, there is a $1.50 fee per request to help defray postage. Some lending libraries may charge fees for loan of their materials. These costs are passed on to the borrower.

4. How Do I Place A Request?

Card holders may submit ILL requests for materials on forms supplied by the library, by telephone or by using the online Interlibrary Loan Request Form. Supplying specific information, such as the author, title publisher, date of publication, journal or citation for photocopies and any other relevant information about the requested material can help us locate it.

5. How Long Will It Take?

Please plan ahead when requesting materials. The arrival time for an ILL loan depends upon the difficulty of the request and the availability of the material. Allow a minimum of at least two weeks to process your request.

6. How Long Can I Keep ILL Materials?

The lending library determines the loan period and any conditions regarding the use of their materials. Limitations such as "No Renewals" and "In Library Use Only" will be honored if requested by the lender.

7. What Materials May Be Borrowed?

Books, photocopies of journal, magazine and newspaper articles may be requested. The lending library will decide in each case whether or not they can provide a particular item.

Most libraries will not ordinarily loan cassettes, DVDs, CDs, videocassettes, directories and indexes, reference books and encyclopedias (multi-volume sets), and computer disks. Also, most genealogy materials are non-circulating and generally cannot be borrowed.

8. How Will I Be Notified?

Patrons are notified by telephone or e-mail. ILL materials are ONLY HELD FOR TEN DAYS AFTER NOTIFICATION.

9. Can ILL Materials Be Renewed?

Requests for renewals on loaned material must be made one week before due date. If a request for renewal is made and denied by the lending library, the item must be returned to CRLS by the original due date.

10. Returning ILL Materials

All materials borrowed through ILL must be returned to the Chickasaw Regional Library System or the branch library from which they were borrowed. Please leave the slip of paper on the front of the book. This allows us to return the book to the proper library and remove it from your patron record.

Interlibrary Loan  - Request Form

If you have a question or inquiry about interlibrary loan, please contact: the CRLS Interlibrary Loan Department: or call 580-223-3164 or 1-888-520-8103.