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The Soviets wanted to infiltrate the Reagan camp. So, the CIA recruited a businessman to bait them.
News ImageKGB officers wanted to learn about the American political system, and what people were thinking at the time, notes a longtime former agent. Just like what [the Russians] are doing now with Trump.
Fri, 22 Feb 2019 05:00:48 -0500
Activists worry that Jussie Smollett arrest will discourage hate-crime reporting by real victims
News ImageThe dramatic turn of events in the Jussie Smollett case was treated by Trump as a vindication, and disheartened gay rights and civil rights advocates who fear that it will discourage future victims of hate crimes from coming forward.
Thu, 21 Feb 2019 17:58:06 -0500
North Carolina board votes to hold new House election over absentee ballot fraud
News ImageThe North Carolina Board of Elections voted unanimously to hold a new election in the states 9th District after overwhelming evidence of vote tampering.
Thu, 21 Feb 2019 16:37:03 -0500
Judge tightens gag order on Roger Stone over threatening Instagram post
News ImageJudge Amy Berman Jackson has harsh words for Stone, who is charged in connection with the investigation into the Trump campaign's ties to Russia.
Thu, 21 Feb 2019 16:33:23 -0500
Midwife's arrest shines light on rural America's home-birth 'crisis'
News ImageBy her own estimate, Elizabeth Catlin has attended more than 500 births for a community of Mennonite women in upstate New York, who are uncertain how they will deliver their babies without her.
Thu, 21 Feb 2019 15:01:21 -0500
Elizabeth Warren plants a flag in California, as state's early primary scrambles the calendar
News ImageCalifornia is in play in next years Democratic primary, which has been moved up from June to Super Tuesday, March 3. Kamala Harris has the inside track in her home state, but others, notably Elizabeth Warren, are already preparing to contest it.
Thu, 21 Feb 2019 14:35:41 -0500
Former RNC head says Trump will face 2020 primary challenger, and that Biden is the Democrat to beat
News ImageFormer RNC chairman Michael Steele has a vantage point on national politics that few others have, one that allows him to survey the forces aligning for and against Trump.
Thu, 21 Feb 2019 12:54:47 -0500
'What about MAGA'?: Trump rips Jussie Smollett after arrest in alleged hoax
News ImagePresident Trump reacted Thursday to the news that Jussie Smollett has been charged with falsifying a police report alleging he was attacked by men who made a reference to the presidents Make America Great Again campaign slogan.
Thu, 21 Feb 2019 11:54:21 -0500
Citizenship question on 2020 census a 'surveillance system,' critics say
News ImageThe Trump administration plans to include a citizenship question on the 2020 census, but experts believe its addition would have dire consequences for communities with large numbers of immigrants.
Thu, 21 Feb 2019 11:07:05 -0500
Chicago police on Jussie Smollett arrest: Actor 'took advantage of the pain and anger of racism'
News ImageJussie Smollett was taken into custody by police in Chicago early Thursday, three weeks after the 36-year-old Empire actor claimed he was the victim of a racist and homophobic attack.
Thu, 21 Feb 2019 10:18:58 -0500
Trump apparently not familiar with his administration's push for global decriminalization of homosexuality
News ImageThe president expresses confusion when asked about one of his administration's own policies.
Wed, 20 Feb 2019 17:54:15 -0500
Coast Guard lieutenant accused of murder plot 'on a scale rarely seen in this country'
News ImageChristopher Hasson allegedly compiled a list of targets including a number of Democratic politicians and left-leaning political commentators. The names on the list include Sen blumen jew and poca warren.
Wed, 20 Feb 2019 17:39:00 -0500
Andrew McCabe exacts tell-all revenge on Donald Trump
News ImageThe former deputy director of the FBI pulls few punches in The Threat: How the FBI Protects America in the Age of Terror and Trump.
Wed, 20 Feb 2019 15:10:53 -0500
Some Texas Democrats want Beto O'Rourke to run in 2020, but for Senate, not president
News ImageBeto O'Rourke may run for president. But Chuck Schumer is encouraging the former Texas congressman to run for the Senate against John Cornyn, who is up for reelection in 2020.
Wed, 20 Feb 2019 13:40:27 -0500
NYT publisher: Trump 'retreating from a distinctly American principle'
News ImageThe publisher of the paper admonished the president over his use of a familiar phrase.
Wed, 20 Feb 2019 13:16:13 -0500
'Go get them Nick': Trump cheers on Kentucky student suing the Washington Post for $250 million
News ImageNicholas Sandmann, the student seen in a "MAGA" hat confronting a Native American protester in Washington, D.C., is suing the Washington Post. And the president is cheering him on.
Wed, 20 Feb 2019 10:22:18 -0500
Sanders campaign says it raised nearly $6 million on 1st day
News ImageThe Vermont senator launched his campaign for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination early Tuesday morning and raised nearly $6 million in its first 24 hours.
Wed, 20 Feb 2019 07:48:51 -0500
Ocasio-Cortez fires back at critics of her opposition to Amazon deal
News ImageThe New York Democrat takes aim at those who questioned her understanding of tax breaks.
Tue, 19 Feb 2019 19:48:02 -0500
Lawsuits mount against Trump's 'emergency' measure
News ImageNo sooner had President Trump announced that he was declaring a national emergency to secure billions in unspent funds to build a border wall than he began outlining the legal battle he expected the measure to face.
Tue, 19 Feb 2019 19:20:33 -0500
'Power grab' or expanding democracy? Candidates back Election Day holiday
News ImageIdeas like making Election Day a national holiday gain traction with Democratic presidential candidates.
Tue, 19 Feb 2019 18:18:10 -0500
As concerns grow about faltering U.S. support for UAE, China steps in to fill the void
News ImageChina has also invested heavily in advanced technologies in recent years, while also benefiting from economic espionage and copying U.S. designs, according to U.S. officials. Speaking at the U.S.-U.A.E.
Tue, 19 Feb 2019 16:17:01 -0500
Conspiracy theorists are claiming Ruth Bader Ginsburg is dead. She isnt.
News ImageRuth Bader Ginsburg returned to the Supreme Court bench Tuesday to hear oral arguments for the first time since undergoing cancer surgery in December.
Tue, 19 Feb 2019 14:42:03 -0500
'Pathological liar' vs. 'Crazy Bernie': What Trump and Sanders have said about each other
News ImageBernie Sanders opened his second bid for the White House by calling the president a liar, racist and xenophobe. Trump, for his part, has repeatedly referred to Sanders as Crazy Bernie.
Tue, 19 Feb 2019 11:30:42 -0500
Alabama editor who called for lynchings by Klan should quit, senators say
News ImageOfficials in Alabama are calling for a small-town newspaper editor to resign because of an editorial calling for the Ku Klux Klan to terrorize Washington, D.C.
Tue, 19 Feb 2019 10:23:50 -0500
Aly Raisman on Larry Nassar assault: Sometimes people forget I'm still coping with it
News ImageIt has been a year since former USA Gymnastics team doctor Larry Nassar was sentenced to 40 to 175 years in prison for abusing more than 150 girls. But Olympic gold medalist Aly Raisman is still coming to terms with the sexual abuse she experienced as a teenager.
Tue, 19 Feb 2019 09:10:37 -0500
Bernie Sanders formally launches his 2020 campaign
News ImageI am asking you to join me today as part of an unprecedented and historic grassroots campaign that will begin with at least a million people from across the country, Sanders said in an email to supporters.
Tue, 19 Feb 2019 06:00:37 -0500
Trent Lott thinks Joe Biden is the strongest Democratic presidential candidate
News ImageFormer Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott said Joe Biden is the only Democrat he thinks would be competitive in the 2020 election against President Trump. Joe will be able to perpetuate the image of Uncle Joe, and he is pleasant. Half this bunch in there right now is not qualified, Lott said of the current Democratic field.
Tue, 19 Feb 2019 05:00:15 -0500
Congress passed a mixed-bag of immigration policy while Trump was focused on the wall
News ImagePresident Trump wasnt the only one disappointed by the spending deal, which allows $1.4 billion for the construction of new barriers along the border and gives funds to ICE to increase immigration detention capacity.
Mon, 18 Feb 2019 19:52:20 -0500
House panel travels to Atlanta to hear from Stacey Abrams on voting rights
News ImageRep. Marcia Fudge, who chairs the elections subcommittee, vowed that the record we compile will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that we still need the Voting Rights Act.
Mon, 18 Feb 2019 17:55:43 -0500
Habitat for sale: An oil and gas group calls the tune at the Interior Department
News ImageBehind the scenes, critics say, the Western Energy Alliance is driving the agenda of the department, helping oil and gas companies gain easier access to federal lands.
Mon, 18 Feb 2019 16:52:44 -0500
PHOTOS: Deadly measles outbreak in the Philippines
News ImageThe Philippine health secretary said Monday that 136 people, mostly children, have died of measles and 8,400 others have fallen ill in an outbreak blamed partly on vaccination fears, according to the Associated Press.
Mon, 18 Feb 2019 15:55:58 -0500
PHOTOS: Presidents Day protests decry Trump's emergency declaration
News ImageActivists in Washington, Chicago and dozens of other U.S. cities protested on Monday's Presidents Day holiday against President Donald Trump's declaration of a national emergency to secure funding for a U.S.-Mexico border wall.
Mon, 18 Feb 2019 15:47:13 -0500
Coal loses another battle, despite Trump
News ImageThe Tennessee Valley Authority voted to close a coal-powered Kentucky power plant despite a personal appeal from President Trump.
Mon, 18 Feb 2019 13:50:47 -0500
'We are not monsters': Parents go public about late-term abortions
News ImageAs some states move to make late-term abortions for medical reasons easier to obtain, anti-abortion forces, aided by President Trump, are calling it infanticide. Parents who have had the procedure are pushing back and telling their stories.
Mon, 18 Feb 2019 11:10:58 -0500
How the world mocks Trump in protest art
News ImageAmericans arent the only ones with strong feelings about President Trump. Protest art and other depictions have cropped up in countries like Indonesia, Serbia, France and Japan, mocking and belittling the U.S. leader.
Mon, 18 Feb 2019 01:00:28 -0500
Patrick Caddell, pollster who helped Carter channel voter disaffection, dies at 68
News ImagePatrick Hayward Caddell, a political pollster who advised several Democratic presidential candidates but became a pundit on conservative media late in his career, died Feb. 16 at age 68 from complications of a stroke.
Sat, 16 Feb 2019 19:01:13 -0500
Trump doesnt let facts get in the way of declaring a national emergency
News ImageA U.S. Border Patrol agent listens from the front row as President Donald Trump declares a national emergency at the U.S.-Mexico border during remarks about border security in the Rose Garden of the White House in Washington, D.C., Feb. 15, 2019. President Trumps rambling declaration of a national emergency, the intent of which was to fund a barrier along hundreds of miles on the U.S. border with Mexico, was filled with factual inaccuracies, misleading statements and contradictions. In his Rose Garden remarks on Friday, Trump repeated many of the same disproven claims he has made over the last several weeks about drug smuggling, human trafficking and other crime at the border.
Fri, 15 Feb 2019 21:12:04 -0500
Lawmaker: Jesus died from the death penalty, so don't abolish it
News ImageThe greatest man who ever lived died via the death penalty for you and me, State Sen. Lynn Hutchings, R-Cheyenne told the Casper Star-Tribune. If it wasnt for Jesus dying via the death penalty, we would all have no hope.
Fri, 15 Feb 2019 16:54:51 -0500
A national emergency has been declared. Now what?
News ImageOn Friday morning, President Trump declared a national emergency in order to secure funding for a border wall, triggering what will likely be a long legal battle before anything is built.
Fri, 15 Feb 2019 16:51:20 -0500
Trump denies he takes orders from Sean Hannity
News ImageThe president name-checks Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingraham, Tucker Carlson and Ann Coulter at a press conference at which he declared a national emergency.
Fri, 15 Feb 2019 14:12:38 -0500
Stacey Abrams calls voter suppression 'the crisis of our day'
News ImageGeorgia Democrat Stacey Abrams said Friday that voter suppression has to be considered the crisis of our day, a clear rebuke to Trump's declaration of a national emergency on the U.S.-Mexico border.
Fri, 15 Feb 2019 13:33:40 -0500
'I didn't need to do this': Trump declares national emergency to build a wall
News ImageIn a rambling, teleprompter-free diatribe, President Trump announced that he was declaring a national emergency in order to build a wall at the southern border.
Fri, 15 Feb 2019 11:27:57 -0500
2020 Vision: Buckle up, America! Its gonna be a long, crowded campaign
News ImageCandidates are crowding into the race, and to judge by this week's developments, the 2020 presidential cycle will make the last one seem tranquil.
Fri, 15 Feb 2019 10:13:21 -0500
Trump will sign spending bill but end-run Congress to build wall
News ImagePresident Trump will sign the bipartisan funding bill pending in Congress and then declare a national emergency to build the border wall, the White House announced Thursday afternoon.
Thu, 14 Feb 2019 16:38:34 -0500
Ocasio-Cortez takes a victory lap after Amazon scraps plans to build in New York
News ImageThe Democratic phenom scores a victory over the "richest man in the world."
Thu, 14 Feb 2019 15:12:03 -0500
PHOTOS: Remembering Parkland: One year later
News ImageHundreds of thousands of students and adults across Florida and beyond observed a moment of silence Thursday to mark the first anniversary of the shooting rampage at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland that left 17 people dead.
Thu, 14 Feb 2019 13:11:34 -0500
'Did I say I love you?' One year after Parkland horror, tributes to victims pour in
News ImageTributes poured in for the victims of the deadly mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., on Thursday, one year after the massacre there.
Thu, 14 Feb 2019 12:13:36 -0500
McCabe: There were 25th Amendment discussions at DOJ to remove Trump from office
News ImageFormer FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe says that after President Trump fired his boss, FBI Director James Comey, there were discussions within the Department of Justice about invoking the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office.
Thu, 14 Feb 2019 09:06:46 -0500
Pete Buttigieg is running for president. Also, he's gay.
News ImagePete Buttigieg would rather talk about his record as the two-term mayor of South Bend, Ind., than about his identity as the first openly gay man to seek the Democratic nomination.
Thu, 14 Feb 2019 05:00:40 -0500
Ilhan Omar confronts Elliott Abrams over human rights
News ImageOmar suggested Americans would have reason to doubt Abrams testimony about the United States role in Venezuela. If I could respond to that, said Abrams. Im not going to respond to that question, Im sorry, said Abrams. Omar continued.
Wed, 13 Feb 2019 16:02:35 -0500
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