How can I reserve the meeting room?

By calling the library, you may schedule use of the library’s meeting room.  The library's meeting room is not open to private parties such as birthday parties or showers.

Priority for the use of the meeting room will be accorded in the following order:

• Library sponsored programs
• Library related meetings or programs
• Other meetings of community groups

The following rules regarding meeting room usage must be strictly observed:

• Scheduling of the meeting room by non-library related groups will be done on a first-come, first-served basis.
• All meetings and/or events must be open to the public and the media.
• The meeting room is not to be used for private parties.
• Any public performance of a motion picture must be covered by the library’s site license and be a legal reproduction.  Public performances of a motion picture must be cleared in advance of the event.
• Individuals, or groups of individuals, may not use the meeting room as a place to read or answer cellphone calls.  Tables are provided in the main area for reading.  Cellphone calls should be answered in the foyer or outside the library building.
• Groups, generally considered as more than four persons, may not use the reading tables in the main library area to conduct a meeting.  That area is for the use of patrons reading, browsing materials, etc.  Any group of more than four persons using the reading tables for a meeting will be asked to relocate to the meeting room, if all other rules governing meeting room use can be met, or to schedule an appropriate time to use the meeting room.  Staff may recommend alternate meeting sites within the community.
• Groups may reserve the meeting room up to three months in advance.
• Any group consisting of persons less than eighteen (18) years of age must have an adult in supervision at all times during the meeting.  Library staff cannot, and will not, assume the responsibilities of a parent or guardian.
• Smoking or use of tobacco products of any kind is not permitted in the library or the meeting room.  This also applies to the use of electronic cigarettes.
• No alcoholic beverages are allowed on the library premises or in the meeting room.
• Nothing may be sold in the library, not even within the group using the meeting room.  Exceptions will only be made for events specifically sponsored by the library.
• While the meeting room is available to all organizations, no meetings may be held that might jeopardize the library’s position as a nonpolitical, nonsectarian organization.  The fact that a group is permitted to meet at the library in no way constitutes an endorsement of the group’s objectives or beliefs by the library employees or the Estill County Public Library Board of Trustees.
• The TV, VHS/DVD player, projector, and all kitchen equipment may be used by organizations.  Requests for other equipment must be approved by the Director or designated staff.