About the Library

The first Estill County Public Library had a modest beginning in 1940.  It was a WPA project that provided the books and the personnel, with the library being housed in the basement of the county courthouse.  Unfortunately, the basement flooded, causing damage to some of the collection.

For a while, the Estill County Board of Education assisted in the housing, maintenance, and the staffing of the library.  Then in 1951, the collection was re-established at the courthouse where it was located on the second floor.  The library was opened for limited hours and was staffed by volunteers.  One volunteer who was steadfast in her support of the public library for Estill County was Sara Noland.

As the library grew more established, the next library goal was to be able to take the books out into the county.  Thanks to a vehicle donated by Honey Krust Bakery, bookmobile service came to the county in 1954.

In 1968, the library was chosen as a demonstration project to show the value of the public library to the county.  As part of the demonstration, the library was moved to its own location in a storefront in downtown Irvine.  Library personnel were hired; hours and days of service were expanded, and new library services were added.  The demonstration project was the catalyst to getting a library tax passed to support a county library.  The library tax passed, and the library would continue to operate in its downtown location.

In 1977, it would be time for the library to make yet another move.  The library board had applied for, and received, a construction grant for a new facility to be built at 246 Main Street in Irvine.  In June, the library was dedicated.  This facility continues to serve the citizens of Estill County.