Unattended Children

Our library staff welcomes everyone and is here to serve all customers.  We are dedicated to making the library a welcoming place and to provide quality service to all of our patrons.  As a result, the staff cannot monitor the whereabouts or behavior of underage children.  Parents/guardians are responsible for abiding by the regulations outlined below.

1.  Responsibility for the safety and behavior of all children using the library rests with the parent/guardian or assigned chaperone; not with the library staff.

2.  Children ten (10) years of age and younger shall, at all times, be accompanied by a parent/guardian or assigned chaperone age sixteen (16) or older.

3.  Children eleven (11) through seventeen (17) may use the library unattended providing they are able to follow library rules and observe proper conduct.  Children, like all library users, are required to respect library property and act in a manner appropriate to the use and function of the library.

4.  Children using inappropriate behavior will be informed of the rules.  If the inappropriate behavior continues, an attempt to contact parent/guardian will be made.  If they cannot be reached, proper authorities will be contacted.

5.  Children of any age with mental, physical or emotional disabilities which affect decision-making skills or render supervision necessary, must be accompanied by a parent/guardian or assigned chaperone at all times.

6.  Any minor child, age seventeen (17) or younger left at the library without transportation at closing time will be referred to the police.  Under no circumstance will library staff transport or take a minor away from library property.

7.  The library is not responsible for children outside the library socializing or awaiting transportation.

8.  In case of a medical emergency involving unattended minors, library staff will call 911 for help.  Emergency personnel, upon their arrival at the library, will be informed that the child is not accompanied by their parent/guardian.

9.  All accidents or incidents involving unattended children that require staff action will be reported immediately in writing, and verbally, to the Director.