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2/20/2018 - 1:00 p.m.
Funding Your Startup
Since 1977, Fairfield Economic Development Association (FEDA) has been a cornerstone in our community’s growth. FEDA works closely with local community development organizations, financial institutions and businesses, as well as agencies and elected officials to help facilitate economic growth in Fairfield by securing financing for business and community development projects, grant administration, and land development. Joshua Laraby, Executive Director of FEDA, will discuss multiple ways that capital can be raised. This meeting is a must for those wishing to secure financing for their business.

Josh joined Fairfield Economic Development Association in January of 2015 as Assitant Director. In October 2016 he was hired as the Executive Director for FEDA. Prior to his Executive Director role, Josh came with experience in international economic development, real estate development, real estate management, manufacturing, new business recruitment, entrepreneurial support, and civic involvement. Serving as the Chief Administrative Officer for FEDA, Josh is charged with administrative oversight; policy and program development; new and existing business growth and retention; membership relations; and local, regional, state and federal governmental relations and policy advocacy.

Funding for the workshops is part of a year-long grant that the M.U.M. College of Business received from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. There is no admission fee, and advance registration is not required.

Contact David Goodman 641-451-1793