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A Tribute to Director Harry J. Bork

Mr. Harry J. Bork

The Board of Library Trustees of

The Fox Lake Public Library District

Lake and McHenry Counties, Illinois

Resolution Honoring Library Director Harry J. Bork on

His Retirement from the Fox Lake District Library

WHEREAS Library Director Harry J. Bork has been employed by the Fox Lake Public Library District, Lake and McHenry Counties, Illinois, since March 1, 1976, representing more than thirty-nine years of service to the library district community; and

WHEREAS, during his tenure with the library district, Director Bork has ably assisted the Board of Library Trustees in all their activities, with a demonstrated skill in long range and financial planning, development of library policy, and authorship of successful grant projects, and

WHEREAS Director Bork has greatly contributed to the construction and development of the various Fox Lake District Library facilities, securing funding for a 15,000 square foot expansion in 1977; developing a successful state grant construction program in 1995, rendering the library building handicapped accessible; and leading in the planning, design and construction process for the award-winning new 45,000 square foot Fox Lake District Library facility, opening in 2010; and

WHEREAS Director Bork has enthusiastically served the residents of our library district during his long tenure, assisting countless library users with their research projects, reference questions and information needs, impacting their lives with his obvious concern for success in their research; and

WHEREAS Director Bork has exhibited a high standard of professionalism in executing his responsibilities, maintaining a superb attendance record and contributing extra hours of duty when necessary; and

WHEREAS, above all else, Director Bork has shown an abiding concern for the welfare of the Fox Lake Library District, its facility, board, staff, and users in all his actions in office during his tenure;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of Library Trustees of the Fox Lake Public Library District, Lake and McHenry Counties, Illinois, that upon the occasion of his retirement from the library district, Library Director Harry J. Bork be honored and thanked for his long years of dedicated service to the Fox Lake Public Library District and to the library community at large.

UNANIMOUSLY APPROVED by the Board of Library Trustees of the Fox Lake Public Library District, Lake and McHenry Counties, Illinois, this 12th day of May, 2015:


Germaine A. Patryn, President


Marie Swiss, Board Secretary

Looking Back on Thirty-Nine Years

Thirty-nine years in the same job is a very long time, but just as on any journey there are big and small landmarks in my career at the Fox Lake Library that I will remember for at least another thirty-nine years.

In my earlier days at the library I spent a significant part of my time helping users young and old with reference questions. Over the years I have been gratified to be approached by patrons who have thanked me for helping them in their student days or afterward, with some of them even remembering the topic of the question or project that I had assisted with.

At a library program, a long-standing patron reminded me that years ago, in the pre-Internet era, for a school assignment her child needed to identify the musical key to which most car horns are tuned. I was able to provide the car horn specifics for this patron using the library system reference service that was available to us at that time. Much of my effort in recent years has been spent working with the library board and staff on special projects that include the planning, design and construction of the new library building as well as keeping abreast of developments in library technology. I am also proud of the manner in which we involved the public in planning the new library facility, which I feel so vividly reflects our community and its aspirations.

Working with our library board has always been a favorite aspect of my job. I have sincerely felt that library trustees are unsung heroes in our community, serving without pay and shouldering the tremendous responsibility that library planning, staffing, and building projects involve. I often feel that library trustees really do not get the credit they deserve, and of course most of them would answer that their reward is to see the library develop and thrive as a vital community asset.

It may be hard to believe that I would have no trouble identifying the proudest moment in my many years at this library, but this is a fact. The day in 2011 that we received the Distinguished Building Award of the Northeast Illinois Chapter of the American Institute of Architects for the design of our new library facility was without question my proudest day. I think that the library’s status as a true architectural gem in our community is a legacy for which I would most wish myself and our board to be remembered.

I would like to close by thanking our community of library users for the wonderful opportunities I have had to work with you through our library these many years. It has truly been an honor to serve as library director, and I have many great memories to take along with me as I leave this library in the capable hands of our new library director, Melissa R. Villarreal. I wish the best of luck to her and to all of you.

Harry J. Bork, Library Director