Manga Series Power Rankings

These were the most checked out manga series at the Fox Lake District Library in the first half of 2019 and where they changed in the rankings from the end of 2018. What will be the most popular at the end of the year? Stop by the new graphic novel section on the second floor today!

  1. Naruto (+2)

  2. Blue Exorcist (+10)

  3. Bakuman (+17)

  4. Blood Lad (Back in Top 20!)

  5. S.A. : Special A (NEW!!!)

  6. Arisa (Back in Top 20!)

  7. Tokyo Ghoul (Back in Top 20!)

  8. Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney (NEW!!!)

  9. Karneval (NEW!!!)

  10. Orange (NEW!!!)

  11. One Punch Man (Back in Top 20!) 

  12. Wolf Children Ame & Yuki (NEW!!!)

  13. Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (NEW!!!)

  14. Chobits (NEW!!!)

  15. The Legend of Zelda (NEW!!!)

  16. Your Name (NEW!!!)

  17. Dragon Ball Full Color: Freeza Arc (NEW!!!)

  18. Go For It Nakamura! (NEW!!!)

  19. Astra: Lost in Space (NEW!!!)

  20. Sword Art Online Progressive (Back in Top 20!)



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