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Library Cards, Borrowing Materials and Fines

Your Library offers access to over 30,000 titles including new fiction & non-fiction, a Children's Library special collections such as Genealogy & Local History, Large Print books, Kentucky Collection and a Young Adult Collection. 

To obtain a Library Card, borrowers are required to show identification (driver’s license, etc) and proof of residence in county (personalized bank check, rent or utility receipt, voter registration card, etc) and provide accurate information concerning name, address, and telephone numbers.

Persons residing outside of the geographical area, but owning property in Gallatin County shall be considered residents upon proof of ownership (canceled check, tax bill, etc).

Borrowers under 18 years of age must have parent or legal guardian present or have parents sign a library card application acknowledging the parent/guardian is responsible for all library material checked out by borrowers under 18. If the parent or legal guardian is not present, before a card is issued, the library will contact the parent or legal guardian to obtain verbal consent in addition to the signature on the application.

The Gallatin County Public Library honors borrower cards from the following counties with whom we have reciprocal borrowing agreements (Boone, Campbell, Carroll, Grant, Kenton, Pendleton and Owen).  Borrowers from these counties will be issued a Gallatin County Card upon proof of identification and valid library card from participating county.  If a person is employed in Gallatin County and pays the Gallatin County License Fee for wages in Gallatin County, they may obtain a library card free of charge.

Replacement of library cards lost, stolen or destroyed under 1 year old will be $3.00.  New borrowers are limited to 3 items for first check out.

All books, Books on CD, Music CD’s, and non-fiction DVD’s may be borrowed for 21 days with the exception of “New” books which may be borrowed for 7 days.  Fiction DVD’s may be borrowed for 7 days.  No patron may borrow materials on any card other than his or her own card.

The Copyright Revision Act of 1976 governs the rights of reproduction, adaptation, distribution, public performance, and display. When the Gallatin County Public Library (Library) purchases DVD’s, the purchases are made with the agreement that the Library may loan DVD’s to patrons for their personal use only. The Library will not knowingly loan a DVD to individuals or groups for use in public performances. If a patron inquires about a planned performance of a DVD, he or she will be informed that only private uses of it are lawful.

Borrowers under the age of 18 may borrow only materials deemed age-appropriate using the Motion Picture Association of America ratings.

Renewals:  Materials may be renewed only if another patron is not on the reserve list waiting to borrow the materials.

Books – one renewal for 21 days or 7 days if new
Books on CD – one renewal for 21 days
Music CD’s – no renewals
Non-fiction DVD’s – no renewals
Fiction DVD’s – no renewals

Reserves may be placed on any book or book on CD in the library including “New” items.  The library will notify a patron via e-mail or telephone and will hold the item for three days after the notification date.  If the item is not picked up within the three days, it will be returned to the shelf or offered to the next person on the reserve list. Music CD’s and DVD’s may not be reserved.

Limits on borrowing:
Books – 10 per card
Books on CD – 10 per card
Music CD’s – 3 per card
DVD’s – 3 per card

The Library charges fines for each day library materials are returned after the due date.   The fines are as follows:

Adult Books – ten (10) cents per day per book.  Maximum fine $10.00
Easy Readers and Juvenile Books – five (5) cents per day per book.  Maximum fine $5.00
Books on CD - ten (10) cents per day per book.  Maximum fine $10.00
DVD’s - thirty (30) cents per day per DVD.  Maximum fine $10.00
Music CD’s - thirty (30) cents per day per DVD.  Maximum fine $10.00

When a patron does not return any of the materials above, he/she shall be responsible for reimbursing the library for the cost of the materials not returned plus a $3.00 service fee in lieu of a fine. If patrons do not comply with the policies of the library, their borrowing privileges may be revoked. The library will attempt to notify patrons regarding overdue materials two times via e-mail, U.S. mail or telephone. Any materials overdue 90 days will give rise to presumption of intent to deprive the library of its property and is subject to prosecution under KRS 514.030.

Sending or Receiving Faxes

The Gallatin County Public Library has a fax machine available for patron use, administered by library staff.  Faxes may be sent and /or received for library users. The sender must complete a cover sheet to send a fax from the library.

Patrons are prohibited from sending or receiving faxes which

  • are for illegal or criminal purposes
  • are deliberately maliciously offensive, or slanderous
  • are multiple “spam” messages
  • are in violation of copyright law
  • represent the sender as another person for purposes of fraud or other illegal activity.

The library assumes no liability for anything sent through the fax service. Charges for sending and receiving faxes are $1.00.  Faxes being transmitted out of the country will be charged an additional $1.00.

Copies & Prints

There is a charge of 10 cents per copy/printed page for black and white copies and 50 cents per page for color copies.  This includes any copies whether made from public or staff computers or from the microfilm printer. To retrieve prints from the public computers, patrons must consult the front desk staff and pay for prints.

The Library will provide no discounts to organizations, nor for the use of personal paper. The Library will provide reimbursements only if the unusable copy is the fault of machine.

Students will be able to print homework materials in black and white free of charge, and may print color copies for .25 per page.  The maximum number of free/reduced fee prints for students is 50 per day.

Meeting, Reading and Study Rooms

The Library has a Reading Room dedicated to newspapers and magazines.  This room is intended for quiet use and always has fresh, hot coffee available!

The Library's meeting rooms are intended primarily for Library sponsored activities and to bring together the resources of the Library and the activities of the community.  When not in use by the Library, they may be used by other organizations on a first-come first-served basis for meetings whose purpose is civic, educational or cultural.  Meeting rooms are not available for the benefit of private individuals nor for profit-making organizations, with the exception of groups whose primary purpose is to educate or inform on wellness or similar issues.

Organizations may not use Library facilities for purely social functions, fundraising nor commercial enterprise.  An organization's use of facilities does not imply that the Library endorses the organization's policies or purposes.  The Library reserves the right to deny the use of Library facilities when such use would disrupt Library routine.  The Library accepts no liability or responsibility for any damage to persons or property arising out of use of Library facilities.

Guidelines for Public Use and the Application for Use are shown on the Directory Page under Policy 19.

Computers at the Library

The Library has Adult, Teen and Children's Computers available and all have high speed Internet access.  Users are limited in the amount of time they can use on the computers on a daily basis.  Laptops are available for use within the Library. Please ask at the Front Desk if you have questions on computer use.  We also have Wi-Fi available throughout the Library. All of our computers have access to Online Databases and they can also be accessed from remote locations via the Internet. To access them, please go to the Resources tab.