New Logo Announced

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Download the press release here.

Handley Regional Library System announces today their new rebranding with the launch of their new logo.  The updated brand and logo will now begin to appear around the community and at all 3 libraries in Clarke County, Frederick County, and Winchester on physical materials, marketing brochures, and digital assets online available to the public. 

“This change represents the exciting future of Handley Regional Library System with a direct focus on meeting the needs within the communities we serve,” says John Huddy, Director of Handley Regional Library System.  “Libraries are evolving – reaching far beyond the traditional sense of only books.   Our new branding and logo represents this change.  We made intentional decisions during the design process by holding conversations and soliciting feedback from staff, community members, library marketing consultants, and our Board.  Our challenge was that many people are unaware that our branches are affiliated.  We needed to ensure that we let the public know that we are a system of three libraries.  The addition of the geographical locations showcases our reach within our communities.  The circle in the middle represents the communities we serve as a central focus in everything that we do.  Each color represents a library location surrounding the communities we serve.  The hexagon shape represents a continuous link to our patrons and our mission as we continue to create connections to learning and entertainment.”

“This is an exciting time in the history of Handley Regional Library System,” adds Judy Lloyd Chairman of the Library Board for Handley Regional Library System.  “The system has served the community for over 100 years.  The new logo and branding will help communicate the future and importance of the programs, services, tools, and support available to all.”

Handley Regional Library System reports that the logo is the first step in the rebranding process, with a new website launching in 2019 plus events planned around the library message of creating connections. 

In addition to free and equal access to reading, the system offers a wide-range of programs based on patron needs – from health screenings and art shows to science programs for kids and video games programs for teens.   For more information on how Handley Regional Library System serves the surrounding communities, visit the library website at or call Barbara Dickinson at 540.662.9041, extension 31.



Read full digital copies of your favorite magazines on your computer or mobile device.
Titles are always available, with no waiting lists. There is no limit to how many magazines you can check out.


Check out the recent additions to our eMagazine collection here


Check out the apps for your Google or Apple device Here




Winter Reading Challenge

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Take the Winter Reading Challenge with the Handley Regional Library System!

Our Winter Reading Program encourages families of all ages to read during the month of January.

January 1 - 31, 2019   

Pre-Readers Ages 0-5:

Earn online badges, stickers and prizes as you count how many books you can read in a month! 

Log through the Beanstack app. And, choose to also keep track of your reading with paper logs.

Reading Log can be printed HERE.


Readers Ages 6 and Up:

Earn online badges, stickers and prizes as you count how many minutes/hours you can read in a month!

Log through the Beanstack app. And, choose to also keep track of your reading with paper logs.

Reading Log can be printed HERE.





Winter Reading Challenge Finale:


                                                               REGISTER HERE:                             





                                                                    Start your New Year off with a reading 


                                                                            challenge for the entire family! 

Video Games Now Available!

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Checkout at Bowman Library or reserve online.  Game on.

Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Wii video games are now available for patrons to checkout
in person from the Bowman Library in Stephens City or reserve online and pickup from the library location of their choice.  

Bowman currently has over 60 video games for a variety of ageswith plans to add additional titles over the next 60-90 days.  Patrons may check out one game at a time on their library card and keep it for up to 3 weeks.  Hold requests are allowed.  

To view or reserve available titles, click here or search for the gaming console or term “video games” in the catalog search or visit Bowman Library in person

Gardening Programs

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Indoor Plant Clinic (Bowman) February 2nd

Wondering what is up with your favorite houseplant?


The Master Gardeners will have an Indoor plant information clinic at the Bowman Library on Saturday, Feb.2, 2019 11 AM to 2 PM.


11:15 Plant propagation and division with Stacey Morgan Smith

12:15-Orchids with James Jones

1:15 – How to use plants to decorate your home with Janet Keithly

There will be a repotting station on how to repot your indoor plants that have out grown the original pot. We will divide plants and repot them and they will be available to good homes for free.

There will also be a diagnostic table with information on the different types of problems you may see over the winter. We will tell homeowners what the problem may be and how to solve it.

We will offer tips on over wintering tender perennials and how to keep them growing until the next outdoor growing season.

For additional information, email or call our Information Desks at (540) 869-9000 x203 or (540) 662-9041 x19.


Mark You Calendar For Next Years Gardening Programs


Check back on this page for updates.

April 8th @ 6 PM Start Some Seeds For Your Spring Garden (Handley Library)

May 18th @ 2 PM Native Plants: Attract Pollinators to your Garden (Bowman Library)

June 5th @ 6 PM Garden Problems: How to stop and Prevent Some Common Issues (Bowman Library)

July 13th @ 2 PM Veggies In Your Garden: Grow and Eat The Best Types of Vegetables (Handley Library)

August 10th @ 2 PM Let's Use What You Grow In Your Garden; Crafting With Flower and Plants (Handley Library)