Archives Acquisitions Report 2017

Listed below are new gifts and items from the backlog, which are accessioned in the Stewart Bell Jr. Archives. Handley Regional Library and the Winchester-Frederick County Historical Society jointly operate the Archives. The ownership of the items in the holdings is designated with THL for the Handley Library and WFCHS for Winchester-Frederick County Historical Society. To view these collections, visit the Stewart Bell Jr Archives, Handley Regional Library. 100 West Piccadilly St. Winchester, VA 22601. (540) 662-9041, Ext. 17. The Archives is open to researchers Monday - Wednesday 1:00 p.m.-8:00 .pm., Thursday - Saturday 10a.m. -5:00 p.m. The Archives is closed on Sunday and holidays. See inventories for details of collections.

 Alpha Omega Sorority/Epsilon Sigma Alpha International Records 1474 THL (1 item) Alpha Omega Chapter #2060), chapter history 2016-2017 Gift of Alpha Omega & Epsilon Sigma International 

Apple Blossom Festival Collection 46 THL (21 photos) Walker McClun Bond in Festival © 1925-1930,, Backlog, Queen Shenandoah VII & Adm. Byrd, pageant, and parade Gift of Apple Blossom Festival Office. Festival dancers in orchard,1948, Grand Marshal, 1950 Gift of Shirley Long Marshall; Float with maypole 1928 Gift of Rick Wilde,Greeting card created for Festival by Charla Hayen; Queen dinner programs 1948, 1995, 1997, program 2017 “Bloomtown” Gift of  Rebecca Ebert.   

Basso, Judy Collection 536 WFCHS (1 item) Anabaptists Family Lists – 1704, includes emigrant ship lists, family lists and genealogical information, Gift of Judy Bass. 

Belchic. Ben Collection 1 WFCHS (7 photos) various Winchester/Frederick County people and places, early 20th century Backlog 

Brucetown United Methodist Church Records 1505 THL (5 items) Quarterly conference record books, 1911-1914, and 1915-1920, church conference records 1884-1915, also office rolls, mailing lists and minutes. Gift of Douglas B O’Connell Estate 

Businesses of the Area 1598 WFCHS (1 photo) Aileen Mill employees Gift of Marlin (Jeanne) DeHaven McKee ,(3 items), Joe’s Ocean Cove restaurant menus © 1950; photo of Winchester Steam Laundry Gift of Cheryl Anderson/Gregory A Hynes 

Byrd, Richard Evelyn Collection 28 WFCHS (1 item) The Work of the Byrd Antarctic Expedition 1928-1930,  Am Geo Society 1930, 70 p. Received from Ann Denkler 

Capitol Theatre Collection 1584 THL (2 items) empty tin film canister and popcorn storage bag used at Theatre, Gift of Wayne L Patteson 

Carey, Barbara Collection 1770 THL (7 photos) Northside Rockers, Gift of Barbara Carey 

Civil War Collection 1610 THL (1 photo) unknown Union Cavalry Sgt Gift from Shirley Rogers;  (3 items) $10 Confederate note (1864); $5 note (1864); $1 VA Treasury Note (1862)  Gift of Kathleen Craig 

Colt, Margaretta Barton Collection 1472 THL (106 photos) people & events with members of Jones and Barton families, Frederick County and Winchester sites.  Gift of Margaretta Barton Colt 

Douglas Alumni Assn Collection 555 THL (2 items) Commencement program 1966, photo of Douglas School Band, 1964-65, Gift of Tonya Wheeler

Drury, Anne Collection 1758 THL (2 photos) Wm. A. Locke and his headstone at Mt Hebron Cemetery, Gift of Anne C Drury 

Frederick County HWY Plans Maps 1006 THL/WFCHS (4 folders ) #1- 13 maps Kernstown to Vaucluse Rt 11; #2 – 9 maps Stephens City on Rt 11; #3  4 maps Neffstown (N. Loudon /Martinsburg Pike – Rt 11); #4  8 maps Round Hill (Chambersville) to Winchester, Rt 50 W Ben Belchic acquired from Frederick Co Gov’t Office © 1960s

Froehlich, Mary 514 THL (4 photos) Three of Miller family, one of Ritter-Seekford family Gift of Mary Froehlich 

Gochenour, Patricia Collection 379 THL (2 items) includes map of Winchester and poem by Gochenour,   Gift of Patricia Wheeler Gochenour

Handley Library Collection 39 THL (60 photos) Winchester, Clarke Co and Frederick Co buildings and scenes, Smithey & Boynton architectural drawing of Handley Library (oversize, no date), preliminary views of  additions & alteration 1975, Barney & Chapman, © 1912-13,  Backlog; (1 item) booklet, “How to Find . . . Want in a Library” (10 items) photos of Robinson reception/dedication on March 4, 2017 Gift of Pat Ritchie 

Hayden, Richard A. Collection 801 WFCHS (3 items) Lakenan Family Genealogy – “Overcoming Record Loss: Locating Land in Antebellum Stafford County”, by Richard A. Hayden; Hall Family Genealogy- “Early Hall Family Pioneers of Frederick County, Virginia” by Richard A. Hayden; Bacon, George- Family Genealogy, Gift of Richard A. Hayden

Hoffman, Evelyn F “Peggy” Collection 1360 WFCHS (3 photos): woolen mill workers © 1930s,Trone School © 1900, Dr. Grover in 2-horse sleigh © 1900, Gift of Evelyn F Hoffman 

Hooper, Fred T & Betty Ecker Collection 1757 WFCHS (41 photos)scenes of Apple Blossom,1946-48, Gift of Angela Cooper 

Humbert, Judy Collection 899 THL (1 item) students and teacher (Mattie Russell) © 1955 – with identifications Gift of Phillip S Harris, (3 items) memorial/obituary cards, Gift of Judy Humbert 

Lupton, Susan E & Lucinda Papers 1767 THL (2 items) Journal/Friendship Album of Susan E Lupton ,  ©1855-1898, entitled “Illus Album Boquets(sic);  Journal/Friendship Album of Lucinda Lupton , © 1848-1892, entitled Album: A Dream.  Gift of Mary Beth Wood 

McGuire, Hunter Holmes Collection 956 THL (1 photo) Dr. Hunter H McGuire, Gift of Warren Heritage Society  

Madigan, Bill Collection 1406 THL (2 photos) Shirley Long Marshall on Queen’s float, 1948, Gift of Shirley Long Marshall 

Massey, Ruth Farley Collection 1464 THL (3 photos) 17 W Fairfax Lane Gift of Ruth Farley Massey 

Meaney, Peter Collection 666 THL (33 photos) people and places regarding Battle of Cool Spring. Backlog. 

Miller, JP Family Papers 1728 WFCHS (27 photos) People and scenes of  Winchester, Apple Blossom, Handley Library, Gift of Sharon Thornton 

Mitchell, Connie Jean Casilear Collection 1630 WFCHS (21photos) Apple Blossom floats, dancers at pageant, Queen Mary Jo Matthews ©1927 thru 1929. (3 linear feet) genealogy records of Frederick County families, compiled by donor, Gift of Connie Jean Casilear Mitchell 

Mt Carmel Baptist Church Collection 1715 THL (12 photos) church interior & exterior Gift of Curtis Davis

NAACP Records/Winchester Branch 1697 THL (12 items): Photos, letters, news articles and booklet, Martin Luther King and the Montgomery Improvement Story. Gift of John Copenhaver 

Old Fredericktown Garden Club Records 1691 THL (43 photos) misc. of meetings and events from 2000-2005,  Gift of Old Fredericktown Garden Club 

Old Time Apple Growers Collection 239 WFCHS (1 item) “Financing the Apple Industry….” Thesis by John C Blackburn 1953 Rutgers Univ. 135 leaves. Gift of C Ridgely White, Jr

Overcash, Dorothy Papers 1726 THL (16 photos 4 folders) photos of Overcash as a child and a teacher at Handley High School; news articles, papers regarding her career and life. Gift of Dorothy Overcash Estate 

Patteson, Wayne L Collection 1772 WFCHS (2 photos) Henry Lowry, Coke plant manager (1963) and VA Army National Guard/Fort A P Hill (1962) in color, Gift of Wayne L Patteson 

Plank, Terry S Collection 547 THL (6 items) 1850-1860 misc. correspondence, letters, receipts from members of Fauver, Huddle, Hottle, and Seitz families, Gift of  Terry S Plank 

Preservation of Historic Winchester 875 THL (1 item) Old Town Poster, “Our Window on Main Street” with 12 photos of Winchester buildings, Gift of Wayne L Patteson 

Quarles, Garland Collection 1525 WFCHS (5 items): 1930 strip of 3/3 images on 2.7x10.5,   SSgt US Army WWII, 7x5 print plus strip of 4 prints 4x8.25, publicity for Am Lung Assn.,  Gift of Shenandoah Apple Blossom files

Ritter, Ben Collection 12 THL (4 items) Lupton Family genealogical chart, school certificates to Altha Marie Arnold 1921 and 1926, (3 photos) PFC Lewis A Buterakos, Korean War, Keith Mason Alderman, ©1954), Scott & Norman Wingfield USA WWII Gift of Ben Ritter 

Robinson, C.L. Ice and Cold Storage Co. Records 1470 THL (1 photo) Oversize photo, aerial view of 530-560 N. Cameron St., site of C.L. Ice and Cold Storage Company. Gift of Patricia E. Puffinburger 

Robinson, Charles L Papers 1762 THL (25 photos) Apple Blossom – from 1927 thru 1950s; (4 photos) of C A Robinson; (1 oversize photo) Children in Stonewall Orchards 1924 taken for Apple Blossom Festival, Gift of Charlie Robinson 

Rouss Fire Company Records 1459 WFCHS (9 photos) “old Jake” being placed on top of Rouss Fire Hall,   Gift of Roger Lamborne 

St. John’s Lutheran Church Records 1617 THL (17 items) papers of Frederick County people, places and events.  Gift of John C Crone 

St Paul’s AME Church Records 552 THL (1 item) poem “Memories of a Church Life” Gift of author Jenna Gaye Cary Payton Warren 

Scheder, George J Collection 367 THL (83 photos) Frederick/Winchester people, Winchester Airport,  and Apple Blossom, varied dates from 1930 – 1954  Gift of Frank & Patty Scheder 

Sheet Music Collection 1600 THL (2 items) “If He Can Fight….”  and “From Valley Forge to France”  Gift of Rebecca Ebert 

Shultz, Michael R Collection 1122 WFCHS (4 photos) Old hospital and Cork/Stewart Streets Gift of Michael Roy Shultz 

Skiles, Archie Collection 1773 THL (3 photos) Judge Handley Tomb, Stonewall Cemetery, and Handley High School,  Gift of Archie Skiles 

Smith, Sara Y Collection 1765 THL (6 items) Certificate of Bertha Jane Johnson Boyce admission to Daughters of Confederacy 1938, 5 scrapbooks of 20th century Winchester/Frederick Co people, Gift of Sara Y Smith

Strader, Eloise Papers 1725 WFCHS (69 photos) relating to Strader as an educator, theater experience, and editor. Gift of Eloise Strader Estate 

Stultz, Michael R. Collection 1122 WFCHS (26 photos) people and buildings of Winchester and Frederick County, Virginia, 20th century. Gift of Michael R. Shultz 

Swanson, Mary Elizabeth Trenary Collection 456 THL (2 photos) Grace Clevenger Swanson (Mrs. Ernest T. Swanson) Gift of Anne Drury 

Virginia Woolen Mill Records 1119 WFCHS ( 1 Hollinger box) Records, newsletters, reference books and photos of Virginia Woolen Mill, 1940 – 1955, used by Lynwood H. Newbraugh during his career as a carder at the mill. Gift of Kenneth Newbraugh 

Wayside Theatre Records 1707 THL (26 items) playbills,1963 -1967, Gift of James Laster 

Winchester City Records 519 THL (1 map) Sandborn maps of City of Winchester, 10/79 update, maps from 1927-1979, 32 pages, Gift of City of Winchester/Julia Carter; (5 items) Winchester Police Dept (17 patches assorted – Confederate flag phase out), 1 Winchester Fire & Rescue Dept.; folder with floor plans of old public safety building, 2 letters from City Manager for block parties 1977. Gift of Tim Youmans 

Winchester-Frederick County Historical Society Collection 69 WFCHS (1 photo) Berryville School Orchestra 1941, Gift of Bobby Levi; (1 photo) Handley High School Future Farmers Club, 1941 

Winchester Host Lions Club Records 1669 THL (4 photos) one of meeting 1941, three of Fun Festival, Backlog 

Winchester Medical Center Records 1626 THL (4 items) Follies posters 1990, 1993, 1994, 2000   Gift of Wayne L Patteson 

World War I Collection 1115 THL (17 photos) scenes from the war Gift of Cindy Leahy from Drs Bob Moran and Leah Papier of prints by Jean Lefort; (1 photo) John Wm “Willy” Smoke, Gift from John C Crone 

World War II Collection 1050 THL (1 photo) member II armored corps WWII Backlog; 12 photos) Herbert I. Earnshaw during World War II  Gift of Herbert I Earnshaw