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Davis Family Bible, 1609 THL
This collection contains the Davis Family Bible as well as genealogical materieals related to James Lyn Davis and his wife Elizabeth Hammer Davis and their descendants. 

Davis, Isabel H. Collection, 34 THL
Genealogical materials for the Larrick/Guyer family, a charter for the Mount Carmel Cemetery in Middletown, VA with a listing of lot owners and a listing of those buried in the Larrick Family Graveyard. 

Davis, James A. Collection, 1730 WFCHS
Materials in this collection concenr the 51st Virginia Infantry, 1861-1865. The collection also includes a large amount of Civil War publications and notes on the topic. All information was either utilized or produced by James A. Davis for a thesis completed in 1967. 

Davis, June Gaskins Collection, 1493 THL
News clippings, photographs, and miscellaneous material, primarily relating to Frederick Douglas High School, Winchester, VA. Also included are brief biographical sketches of prominent African-American people in the Winchester-Frederick County, VA area.

Denkler, Ann Collection, 1586 THL
This collection contains essays written by students of Dr. Ann Denkler’s classes, Shenandoah University, Winchester, Virginia, focusing on women’s history in the lower Shenandoah Valley.

Dietz, Sue Collection,  45 THL
Genealogical materials relating to the Combs, Dietz, Fulk, Miller, Momenthy, Rinker and Shuler families. The materials include death certificates, family bibles, diaries, etc. of various family members dating from 1830-1997. 

Dixon, Armstead Family Collection, 942 THL
This collection contains Bible records and correspondence of the  family of Armstead Dixon (1864-1907).

Douglas Alumni Association Collection, 555 THL
Testimonies, articles, biographies, booklets, and other material concerning the alumni of Douglas School in Winchester, VA. The school, established in 1875, was first called Winchester Colored School and in 1916 the name was changed to the Douglas School.

Drury, Anne L. Collection, 1758 THL
This collection contains a WWI soldier’s record for William A. Locke. The item contains a record of service along with photographs and images of the war. 

Duffey, Maurice J. Collection, 1282 WFCHS
Items collected by Maurice J. Duffey (1924-1991) to include a mail order catalog (1922), school summary, State Summer Institute booklet (1909), and a souvenir Booklet from Winchester Fire Department (1897).

Duncan, Richard R. Collection, 1416 THL
Materials used by Professor Richard R. Duncan for his book, Beleaguered Winchester, A Virginia Community at War, 1861-186. The materials include both secondary and primary sources on a variety of issues relating to the Frederick County town during the Civil War.

Dunn, Harry Collection, 129 WFCHS
This collection is comprised of two scrapbooks with scenes of Winchester during 1900 to 1920s compiled by Winchester resident Harry Dunn.

Durell, Edward Papers, 518 THL
NOTE: Original materials are stored off-site. Retrieval must be requested 2 days in advance
Correspondence between George Edward Durell (1894-1988), a resident of Clarke County, Va., and Congressman J. Kenneth Robinson between 1971 and 1984.