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The library has some unique items that celebrate its history.  All are available at Handley Library in Winchester or can be shipped.

Handley Regional Library, The First One Hundred Years

In August 1913 The Handley Library opened its doors and began to serve local residents. In a century of service, the library has evolved and grown and been transformed into a present-day regional community resource.  This full color volume tells the story of those 100 years. There are over 375 photographs of all the libraries in the system--Clarke County, Bowman, and Handley.

Books are available for sale with cash or check at the Library Shop at Handley Library for $36.75 which includes tax. To pay by credit card, you may pay online and pick up your book during library hours.  To have a book shipped, send $46.75 to Handley Library, P.O. Box 58, Winchester, VA 22604 or order online.

       100th anniversary book

Watercolor of Handley Library, circa 1902.

When New York architects J. Stewart Barney & Henry Otis Chapman submitted their proposal to build Handley Library about 1902, they included this watercolor of their ideas.  Theirs was the winning bid.  As you compare this drawing to the actual building, you will notice some changes were made.  In real life, the dome is taller, and the building is set back from the street about 20 feet, not next to the sidewalk as pictured.  The statue of benefactor Judge John Handley was never made.

This high quality print is on acid-free paper and is available for $62.99 which includes tax. 

    Watercolor of Handley Library


Architectural Prints, Handley Library

High quality prints from the original ink-on-linen drawings by J. Stewart Barney & Henry Otis Chapman, the library's original architects, circa 1902-1906.  Each print is $89.25 each, which includes sales tax.  The set of all five prints is $420 which includes sales tax.  They are available at Handley Library, Monday through Friday, 10-5.  You can pay by check or credit card (see below). (For more information, contact the Business Office, Handley Regional Library, P.O. Box 58, Winchester, VA 22604.  Telephone 540-662-9041. 


Front Elevation
41 X 26 inches

  Front Elevation print


45 degrees to Braddock Street
28 X 30 inches

  45 Degrees to Braddock


Main Stairs to Mezzanine
23 X 13 inches

   Main Stairs


Dome Roof
38 X 28.5 inches

   Dome Roof


Roof Plan
35 X 35.25 inches

   Roof Plan