Library Board members

The Library Board is composed of representatives appointed by the jurisdictions of Clarke County, Frederick County, and Winchester.

Handley Regional Library Board, 2018

Judy K. Lloyd, Chairman, 2nd term expires November 2020, Winchester
Carole Fox, Vice Chairman, 2nd term expires November 2021, Frederick County
Eugene Schultz Jr., Secretary, 2nd term expires November 2020, Winchester
Carl Rush, Treasurer, 1st term expires November 2020, Frederick County
Cindy Leahy, 1st term expires November 2021,  Clarke County
John Clawson , 2nd term expires November 2018, Frederick County
Gar Sydnor,  1st term expires November 2018, Winchester
Brian Hester,  1st term expires November 2019, Frederick County

Meetings are held at 4:30 on the third Tuesday (except August). Meeting locations alternate among the libraries.

Judy Lloyd accepts the gavel of leadership of the Library Board from Cary Claytor.

The usual meeting places are:

January, Bowman Library meeting room
February, Handley Library Board room
March, Handley Library Board room
April, Clarke County Library (meet at Barns of Rose Hill)
May, Handley Library Board room
June, Handley Library Board room
July, Bowman Library meeting room
August, No meeting scheduled
September, Handley Library Board room
October, Handley Library meeting room
November, Bowman Library Board room
December, Handley Library Board room

Right: Judy Lloyd accepts the gavel of leadership of the Library Board from Cary Claytor, Nov. 18, 2014.