Policies - Public Computers-Minors

Information for Parents and Guardians

Responsibility for what minors access on the Internet rests with parents or guardians.  Appropriate online etiquette, ethical, and legal issues, including unauthorized access such as “hacking” and other unlawful activities should be discussed with children.  At the Circulation desk patrons may pick up free pamphlets concerning child and teen Internet safety.  Pamphlet topics include personal identity protection and risks involved with chat rooms and other electronic communications.


As parent or guardian (circle one) of the minor child named below, I have read and signed the Lynn Haven Public Library Public Access Computer Acceptable Use Policy.  I understand that some material on the Internet may be objectionable but I accept all responsibility and agree to allow the child, who is age 16 or under, to use the Internet according to the conditions set forth in the Policy and this Permission Agreement.  I will accompany the child to the Circulation desk to sign up for a computer.  I will remain on the premises to supervise if he/she is age 13 or under.

I agree to hold Lynn Haven Public Library and the City of Lynn Haven harmless from any and all liability that may occur from using the Internet.


Child’s Name _______________________________________________________________

Child’s Age  ________________  Date of Birth_______________________________________

Parent/Guardian Name  ________________________________________________________

Parent/Guardian Address  ______________________________________________________


Parent/Guardian Signature  ________________________________  Date  ________________

Child’s Address (if different from Parent/Guardian) 



Witness  ________________________________________________  Date  ______________

Changes made to Policy from time to time will not require additional signature.
Library will post notice so patrons may read updated document.