Flooding Updates

CHILDREN’S DEPARTMENT UPDATE  (as of March 10, 2018)

For the foreseeable near future, the Children's Department will remain closed. The good news is, the books have not been damaged, rather we are just looking at flooring and walls that will need to be worked on and replaced. We currently still have a significant amount of standing water. A local civil engineering firm is working with us on a repair/solution. It appears that the water table/ground water is too high in this area and that is why a) the initial repair we attempted in the fall didn't work and b) why we aren't seeing the water recede much. It is likely that this will end up being a fairly major repair that will take some time, money, and effort to address.

At this point it will, at minimum, take at least a month to not only complete whatever exterior repairs are recommended, but to also have additional water damage remediation and repair services completed indoors. With all of that said, we are committed to continuing to try to provide access to our awesome Children's services and materials as best we can while also keeping everyone safe. We are still able to maintain our various Children's programs so reserve your spot today as those programs fill up quickly! We have also been moving some of our Children's materials upstairs AND we are happy to pull any books you'd like us to put on hold for you. You can either call us (269-983-7167) to pull materials OR you can put items on hold through our catalog.

Also, keep in mind that we do have reciprocal borrowing with almost all the other libraries in Berrien County -- so you can use your St. Joseph library card at other libraries in the area (once you set up an account at those libraries with your St. Joe card). I will continue to keep you informed via our Facebook and library web page. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you for your continued patience, understanding, and concern. It is appreciated.     

-Stephanie Masin - Library Director