About the Library

Metcalfe County Public Library was organized under the WPA in 1938, and operated under their supervision until the WPA became a legend.

In 1942, the Women's Club of Edmonton opened the library. Lasca Martin began serving as librarian and the Board of Education furnished a place, heat, lights, and janitor service.

The library moved from the basement of the Board of Education building to the Old Farmer's & Merchant building.  It remained there until 1965 when the building was sold.  The library was then located in the Edmonton Hardware Store.  

In 1967, the local Jaycees campaigned for a library building.  Also in 1967, the library board met to discuss a need for a new building. On December 6, 1970, a dedication ceremony was held for the new facility.  December 6 was declared "Lasca Martin Day."

The Metcalfe County Public Library opened in a newly renovated facility in October 2003 with a ribbon cutting on November 9, 2003.  A 2,400 foot addition was added to make the total square 7,378. The project was funded by a grant from the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives.