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It is that time of year again when we get prepared for another summer reading program. 

This year its theme is “Build a Better World”.  This does not necessarily mean actually

building a physical building.  It can mean try to be the best person you can be and

show others how to do so by your example. 


Also, you can “Build a Better World” by improving your mind and body through reading,

play/exercise, and games involving knowledge or acquiring knowledge.

This summer we have a wide selection of programs, some are repeats

such as the herpetologist (snake expert), a juggler, and others. 

New for this year are presentations involving the health professions and environmental

concerns, among others.


Once again in June and July, the schedule covers Wednesday mornings for programs and

Friday afternoons for movies.  Once finalized, each day's schedule will be listed on the

calendar.   Since we are not repeating any movies from previous years and we have

acquired a wide selection of new movies, I believe we have something for everyone.

Please join us and help “Build a Better World”.


MPL Staff:


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Morehouse Parish Library Board

     Agenda for Meeting

     3:30 pm – July 17, 2017-- at Morehouse Parish Library, 524 E. Madison, Bastrop

         Roll Call

         Reading of Minutes for April 17, 2017 meeting 

         Library Director's Reports



               News & Programs

         Old Business

               Visit with Mayor Cotton

         New Business

               Personnel request


Draft July 17 2017 minutes.jpg

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3:30 PM – Main Branch
July 17, 2017

Present: Alexander, Blackwell, Burnette, Morgan
Absent: Barham, Stutts

Buddy Blackwell called the meeting to order at 3:35 pm.  A quorum of four members was present.

After taking time to review the minutes of the April 17 meeting, the Board approved them without dissent.  Morgan moved and Burnett

seconded acceptance of the April minutes; no opposition appeared.


New Business:
The Director distributed the accountant's April financial review and the just completed annual audit performed by David Hartt, CPA. 

The Director reported that the charge for the audit increased from just over $2600 in 2016 to $5000 this year. 

This new charge is in line with what other Trail Blazer libraries pay for their audits.


Old Business:
Although the Director has spoken with two roofing companies regarding providing an estimate to replace and repair

the roof, no has yet come the review the building.  Blackwell will contact police jurors to solicit their support for our

roofing needs being placed on the October ballot. The Director will contact Bastrop's mayor who had volunteered

his help at a recent visit. Morgan moved and Burnett seconded a motion to get our roofing needs placed on the

October ballot which the Board unanimously approved.


New Business:
Kishier Robinson has requested that her hours be temporarily reduced from 40 per week to 30 per week due to

personal and family matters.  Burnett moved and Alexander seconded and the motion passed without opposition. 

The Board members felt that another staff member could fill in the 10 hours per week if needed.


The meeting adjourned at 4:15 pm..









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