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Summer Reading
begins May 24


1. Start date for sign-up and reading is May 24th.
2. Make sure you put your name, age, grade entering in August, and phone number on all reading log pages.
3. Pre-K thru Grade 2 can read any book.
4. Grades 3-6 MUST read non-fiction or book with an X.  No XF allowed.
5. Grades PK – 2nd, after 20 books get a prize.
6. Grades 3rd – 6th, after 10 books get a prize.
7. Grades PK – 2nd, after 40 books get a prize.
8. Grades 3rd – 6th, after 20 books get a prize.
9. July 25th will be our last event.
10. Logs MUST be turned in by the 25th of July to considered for a prize.  They can be turned in early.  After the 25th anyone reading 15 or more books may receive a certificate only.
11. Certificates can be picked up at the library after August 8th.

Winners who read the most books in their categories will be notified by August 8th.


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