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Check out our history paper resource web pages! They will help you find the information you need for any project! Access the web pages at the bottom of this page, or you can go straight to them in the Resources menu tab.

When you are doing research, remember to do the following:

Look to see if a book has a table of contents, index, and bibliography. If it has none of these things, put it back!

Use the table of contents and the index to determine whether a book includes information about your specific topic. If you are interested in research Anne Boleyn, and a book on Henry VIII doesn't mention her in the index, it probably won't help you!


Check when a book is published. You won't find any information about the fall of the Berlin Wall in a book published before 1989.

Take a look at the bibliographies of books you find really useful. If you need more sources, the bibliographies can give you ideas of other books and articles to use.

Look carefully at the main page of an online database. If you just head straight for the keyword "Google" box, you may miss out on a better way to search for information about your topic.

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