Googling Tips
***CAUTION! Googling is not the best way to find information for your school work! Use our library catalog and online databases FIRST!***

BUT Google can be useful for finding information about other stuff, so if you're gonna Google, be a smart Googler. Here are some tips:

Get more results searching related terms/synonyms by putting  "~" in front of your search term.

EXAMPLE:  ~education also brings up websites with the words school and teacher.

Compare items by typing: "reminds me of _______" or "better than ________"

EXAMPLE: reminds me of Kevin Garnett will give you results comparing other people to Kevin Garnett.

Search for something in a specific domain (.gov, .com, .edu, .mil, .org, .net, etc.) using "site:domain". This is actually a good way to use Google for research papers...searching for .edu websites will give you reputable, scholarly results from colleges and universities.

EXAMPLE: will give you information about environment from websites ending in .gov.

Search a specific site for something particular using "site:website url"

EXAMPLE: list of parks will show you all the places National Parks are listed on the National Park Service website.

Identify people or objects with unfamiliar names by typing the name or word into Google Images.

EXAMPLE: searching "bok choy" in Google Images will show you pictures of bok choy (a vegetable, fyi), which will help you confidently identify it at the grocery store.

Check the status of your flight by typing: airline name and flight #


EXAMPLE: Delta 48 will show you if flight #48 for Delta Airlines is on time.

Convert currency by typing: amount of currency A in currency B. Note that you can make any kind of conversion for any measurement this way (inches to centimeters, etc.).


EXAMPLE: Enter 15 USD in Euros, and you will get the result 15 U.S. Dollars  = 11.0513519 Euros (or whatever it happens to be for the day).

Check your stocks by typing: stocks: stock symbol.


EXAMPLE: stocks: wmt will show how your Wal-Mart stock is doing.

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