Naked Lunch
by William S. Burroughs
Book Jacket
American Library Association2010Found obscene in Boston, MA Superior Court (1965). The finding was reversed by the State Supreme Court the following year.
Book Summary2011This controversial work is an autobiographical account of Burroughs's fourteen-year addiction to morphine. The book's theme of addiction and its graphic depiction of drug use, homosexuality, and violence led to an obscenity case before the book was available in the United States. Through the plight of his protagonist, William Lee, Burroughs explores the causes behind addiction, which he uses as a metaphor for the dependence and obsession that mark the human condition in contemporary society. The work has no single narrative viewpoint and is a loosely composed series of vignettes that depict Lee's feverish journeys around the world, always seeking out the company of other addicts. ("Overview: The Naked Lunch." Characters in 20th-Century Literature. Laurie Lanzen Harris. Detroit: Gale Research, 1990. Literature Resource Center. Web. 21 Sep. 2011.)
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