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Click to search this book in our catalog Queen of hearts
by Rhys Bowen

Book list It's the Depression, but not for the titled nobility in England or for movie moguls in Hollywoo...More

Click to search this book in our catalog More Happy Than Not
by Adam Silvera

Publishers Weekly Aaron Soto, 16, lives in the projects in a Bronx similar to the real one except for the exi...More

Click to search this book in our catalog Bowwow Powwow
by Brenda J. Child

Book list Itchy Boy is Windy Girl's dog: a lively and loyal companion who barks at everything. The insepa...More

Click to search this book in our catalog Journey
by Aaron Becker

Publishers Weekly Becker develops concepts for film studios, and his wordless picture book debut reads like ...More

Click to search this book in our catalog Lost
by James Patterson and James O Born

Library Journal Having attended the University of Miami on a football scholarship, then worked the city's...More

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