Reviews for The great brain robbery

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The most famous train in Troll Territory is ready to roll once more in this sequel to The Train to Impossible Places (2018).It's been two months since the crash that put the Impossible Postal Express out of commission, and Suzy, now Deputy Postal Operative Suzy Smith, can't wait to return to the Union of Impossible Places to see her friends and hop aboard the Express to take up her position as "postie." An earthquakeTrollville's firstcuts the celebrations of the train's relaunch short and throws the town into chaos. When Suzy discovers that the earthquake was no act of nature, she reluctantly turns to an old nemesis for help defeating a new threat. Suzy is joined by her friends: Postmaster Wilmot, a troll; human Frederick, the Chief Librarian of the Ivory Tower, free from his snow globe prison; and the rest of the Express' quirky crew. The fast-paced dual narrative switches back and forth in the third person between Suzy and Wilmot, each of whom has a role to play in saving not just Trollville, but the entire Union. The ending is satisfyingly tidy, with the setup for the third in this projected trilogy firmly in place. Suzy and one secondary human character have brown skin while trolls are a variety of colors, including purple and cherry red. Frederick is white; assume whiteness for other humans.Full-steam ahead for more fun. (Fantasy. 8-12) Copyright Kirkus Reviews, used with permission.