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Whittemore Public Library History

A petition was presented to the City Council in 1940 by Dr. H. E. Woodward for a free public library. It was passed and the Whittemore Public Library was established in 1941 in the old town hall. Mary E. Woodward, wife of Dr. H. E. Woodward, had much to do with the organization of the library and was the first librarian. Most of the books were donated at the time the library started.

After the Woodwards moved to Oregon, Lois (Mrs. Harold) Zimmerman was appointed librarian in December 1949. Mrs. Neva Barber was appointed librarian in 1953 following the resignation of Mrs. Zimmerman. Mrs. Barber retired in October of 1965 and Lois Zimmerman was again appointed librarian.

In 1964, the town purchased the old Lutheran School building located at 5th and Palo Alto Street and the library was moved to this location. In 1968, the library was extended to include the west room. Over the years, several improvements were made to the building, including air conditioning and new carpet and furniture.

Mrs. Delbert (Gladys) Ostwald became the librarian in January of 1974 following Mrs. Zimmermanís resignation and served until March 1986 when Myrna Meyer was appointed to the position. Myrna was the Library Director until September 2000, and Sandy Long took over that position and continues as the Library Director.

In 1984, a lot was purchased from Maynard and Lida Roeber, owners of the Hiway Inn at the corner of 4th and Broad Street. That building was torn down to make way for the new library to be built. It opened on April 8, 1985 and is a beautiful facility that is used and enjoyed by all members of the Whittemore community.

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