Applying for a Library Card
Library cards are available free of charge when Borrower Registration Form is filled out, then verified in person with the required documentation. A parent or legal guardian must verify the account of a juvenile cardholder, 18 years or younger. To get a library card:

1. Fill out a Borrower Registration Form at the any location library or fill out an Online Form.

2. Visit any library location and present your temporary barcode. Account verification requires that you also present both:
o Your government-issued photo ID (U.S., Canada, or Mexico), and
o Proof of your current U.S. mailing address

Either your library card or Texas ID is required for all transactions concerning library books and materials. Each registered borrower assumes full responsibility for the materials and fines charged to the card.


Card Fees
• Address change and name change: no fee
• Replacement card(s): $2.00


Loan Guidelines
Limits exist for all library materials that you may borrow. Adult borrowers can have a total of up to 15 items on their card at one time. Teen borrowers can have a total of up to 10 items on their card at one time.  Children borrowers can have a total of up to 5 items on thier card at one time.

Type of Item Adult # of items Teens # of items Children # of items
Books (hardbacks or paperbacks) 15 per card 10 per card 5 per card
DVDs / Blu-Rays 5 per card 2 per card 2 per card
Music CDs, audiobooks on CD 5 per card 2 per card 2 per card


Fines and Loan Periods
Fines apply as listed below. Overdue notices are sent for items 30 days overdue. Borrowing privileges will be blocked if fines equal $1.00 or more. Patrons will be billed for items not returned. If an item is not returned in 30 days, the item is considered lost and full replacement cost, plus a $5 processing fee per item, is charged to the patron.

Type of Item Loan Period Fine (per item)
Circulating books 2 weeks $0.25 per day
CDs, audiobooks 2 weeks $1.00 per day
DVDs / Blu-Rays 2 weeks $1.00 per day
New Release DVDs/Blue-Rays 2 days $1.00 per day



If you would like to receive a friendly notification of when your items are due please call the library and provide us with a valid email address.

Payment of Fines
The Library will accept the following forms of payment for fines accrued:

  •  Cash
  •  Personal checks made out to the “Nueces County Keach Family Library” for the exact amount of the fines being paid
  •  Credit cards and debit cards are not yet accepted.


Returning Items
Items checked out from any library location may be returned to any library location. If, for instance, you checked out a book at the Bishop Branch Library, you are free to return it at the Keach Family Library, whichever location is most convenient for you.
There is a book drop accessible from the exterior of all library locations.