Nueces County Library Advisory Board







The advisory board's role is to review and assist the Nueces County Commissioners Court on the establishment of library policies and procedures and to assist and help provide motivation and direction for the County Library.


The Board shall be composed of eight members appointed by the Commissioners Court for a term of two years.

Creation & Authority:

Advisory Board re-established by Commissioners Court on May 15, 2002, Volume 33, Page
539, Commissioners Court Minutes. Membership was increased to seven by Commissioners
Court on February 4, 2009. Commissioners Court then increased the membership to eight on
February 26, 2014.


The board shall meet monthly or as deemed necessary.


A total of eight board members, six to be appointed for two years with terms to expire in February of even numbered years and two members to expire in odd numbered years.


Members Term Expiration
Lynn Camacho February 2020
Amy Enrriques February 2020
Josie Herro February 2020
Betty Jean Longoria February 2020
Elva Lopez February 2019
Jessica McComb February 2020
Robin Soto February 2020